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Show Archive 2002
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December 27, 2002
Interview with Isabel Allende
It's Raining Coconuts
Club Med
Postcard: Sand Trapped
Sound Travels: Bells of Dubrovnik
Traveler's Aid: Year in Review
Deal of the Week: Great Cities, Great Prices
  December 20, 2002
North Pole
Holiday Sounds
Cristos Negros
Interview with Eric Ripert
Mystery Trip
Music with Bob Duskis
Sound Travels: Notre Dame
Traveler's Aid: Holiday Survival Guide
Deal of the Week: Bargain Flights, Cheap Seats
December 13, 2002
Mordern Paris Salon
Holy Camels!
Interview: Robert Henson
Sound Travels: Angkor Wat
Foot Museum Tour
Traveler's Aid: Gift Ideas for Travelers
Traveler's Aid 2: Travel with Kidz Kwiz
Deal of the Week: Europe for Two
  December 6, 2002
Galapagos: The Ongoing Experiment
Interview with H.W. Brands
Postcard: Rendezvous with an Eclipse
Sound Travels: Taipei
Travel Update with Joe Sharkey
Traveler's Aid: Ecotourism 101
Deal of the Week: New Year's in the Adirondacks
November 29, 2002
Postcard: Spa Humbug by Mary Lou Weisman
The Mystery of Fufu by Matt Holzman
Interview: Anthony Bourdain
Thai Bugs
In the Kitchen with Carla
Joe Sharkey
Deal of the Week: Travel on the Cheap with the Student Advantage Card
November 22, 2002
Utah Luau
Not The Ozarks
Interview with Fado singer Cristina Branco
The Insecurities Project
Postcard: Shopping for Buddahs by Jeff Greenwald
Travel Update with Joe Sharkey
Deal of the Week: Get Ready, Get Set, Spend!
Travelers Aid: Cruising for Contagions, Viral Outbreak on the MS Amsterdam

November 15, 2002
Congolese Paris
Hotel Of The Future
Phone Home
Book Review: Pacific High
Susan Casey
Traveler's Aid: Security Update
Deal of the Week: Beat-the-Crowds Ski Deals


November 8, 2002
Revisiting The Somme
Shanghai-ed In Portland
An $800,000 Timeshare
Banjo Baggage
Bob Duskis Interview
Traveler's Aid: How to Make It Through the Airport Unscathed
The All-Asia Pass

November 1, 2002
A Long Day On The Road
Doug Lansky: Travel Insurance
Traveler's Aid: Online Update
Interview: American Pie

Traveler's Aid: New Hotels for Global Nomads
Deal of the Week: Sleep Cheap in Alexandria, Virginia
Denki Bath

October 25, 2002
Pagans of Lands End
Traveler's Aid: Ghost Hunting with Dennis Hauck
Napoli Purgatory
Traveler's Aid: CreatureFest
Small Airports: Endangered Species?
Deal of the Week: Creepy Deals to Spooky Spots
Bad Taste Witch Tour

October 18, 2002
Un-"safe haven?" A Bali Web Resource
Big Apple Biking
Blue Latitudes
Interview: Bob Duskis
Deal of the Week: The Canadian-Caribbean Double Deal
Walking Route 66

October 11, 2002
Interview: Salman Rushdie
Iranian Cafe
Traveler's Aid - Holiday Travel Survival Guide, Part I: Flying Tips
Fields of Dreams
Deal of the Week: San Juan and Vegas on Sale at JetBlue
Fahrvergnügen in Autostadt

October 4, 2002
The Last Lodge
Doug Lansky: Exchanging Money
Eric Clapton of the Oud: Anouar Brahem
Traveler's Aid: Visiting the Cold War: A Weapon of Mass Destruction Becomes a Tourist Destination
Up in the Air
Deal of the Week: Cruise the High Seas in Bargain-Basement Luxury
La Dolce Far Niente

September 27, 2002
Cajun Swamp Tours
One Way Ticket
Travel By Design: Piers Gough
Falcon Clear Runway
Interview: Bob Duskis
Deal of the Week: Leaf Peep Cheap
Traveler's Aid: Cellphones, Planes, and the Looming Specter of Ultra-Wideband Technology

September 20, 2002
Thai Bugs
Edmund White's Paris Part 1
Edmund White's Paris Part 2
Traveler's Aid: Lost Luggage - Stats and Solutions
The Mine
Deal of the Week: Cheap Hops Across The Pond
Odessa Steps

September 13, 2002
Sushi-Fest Alaskan Style
The Summer of My Greek Taverna
The Importance of Money Belts
Bed and Breakfast
Traveler's Aid: Autumn Adventures - Beyond Leaf-Peeping
Deal of the Week: Spain Spectacular!
Fado Laundry

September 6, 2002
Traveling Today
The Larger Journey

August 30, 2002
A Trip to the Corner Store
People-watching at the Bus Station
Check Out the Library
Deal of the Week: Hotel deals in the Rockies and Southwest
Traveler's Aid: Commuting in America

August 23, 2002
Strawberry Fields Forever
Show Me Your Riffs
Pied Piper of Pop Tarts
Traveler's Aid: Last-Minute Labor Day Getaways
The Art of Travel
Deal of the Week: Autumn Airline Sales
Escape: Stores About Getting Away

August 16, 2002
Interview: Anne Marie Ruff
Traveler's Aid: Airline Troubles
Traveler's Aid: Airline Restructuring
An India Journal
Deal of the Week: A Cool Puerto Rican Bargain
Mass Tourism
Postcard: The End of the Earth

August 9, 2002
A Day At The Beach In Iran
Sausage Hand in Oz
Traveler's Aid: Travel Health with Dr. Dirk Schroeder
Travel by Design: Cesar Pelli
Deal of the Week: Staying in Style in DC
Funeral Putt-Putt

August 2, 2002
Interview: Doug Hoppe
Interview: Hitchhiking on Yachts
Traveler's Aid: Airfare Pricing Demystified
Tuscan Dreams
Family Cruise Blues
Deal Of The Week: Staying In Germany On The Cheap
Postcard: Conversations on the Beach

July 26, 2002
Postcard: My Own Private Mexico
Interview: Gretel Ehrlich
Interview: Peter Ackroyd

Traveler's Aid: No-Fail Tricks for Great Travel Photos
Deal Of The Week: Cooking in Aix en Provence
My Own Private San Francisco

July 19, 2002
Interview: Lorne Rubenstein
Lobster Boat Race
Traveler's Aid: Cruises for Non-Cruisers
Munchkins of Oz Cruise
Deal Of The Week: Paris Shopping Spree
Interview: Margaret Cho

July 12, 2002
Interview: Kathy Turco
Cairo Balcony
Big Chill in the Big Easy
Interview: Doug Lansky
Traveler's Aid: Fee Frenzy
Deal Of The Week: Urban Safari
American Sanitary Plumbing Museum

July 5 , 2002
Interview: Pascale le Draoulec
Rainbow Gathering
The Circus
Deal Of The Week: Gotham in Winter! Book Ahead!
Interview: Beppe Severgnini

June 28, 2002
Summer Reading
Postcard: The Bookseller
Travel By Design: William A. McDonough
Well, in Poland...
Traveler's Aid: How to Plan a Trip 'Round the Globe
Deal of the Week: Move Over Eurail Pass -- Say Hello to Busabout!
Music on Spain's Silver Route


June 21, 2002
Neo Mayan Chichén Itzá
Traveler's Aid: Travel Privacy in the Technological Age
Postcard: The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Interview: New York Public Library Tour
Letters Break
Raising My Parents in Mongolia
Deal Of The Week: Hotel Deals in Greece
Interview: Bob Duskis

June 14, 2002
Group Tour Jolly Chat
Making of a Tourist Trap
Traveler's Aid: Picking a Package Tour
Stalking the Amish
Deal of the Week: Camelot Revisited
Interview: Nick Yapp
Interview: Random Spot Tourist


June 7, 2002
Postcard: Streetside Drama
Traveler's Aid: India and Dangerous Places
My Arabian Nights
New Shoes
Traveler's Aid: Best Web Sites for Booking Your Trip
Interview: Neil Steinberg

May 31, 2002
Robin Hood and the Little Gullibility Pills
Interview: What's New in Luggage
Traveler's Aid: Big Discounts on Small Airlines in the US/Europe
Travel By Design: Eric Owen Moss
Postcard: Sea of Troubles
Etiquette of Tipping Around the World
Deal Of The Week: Hidden Tuscany
The Mystery of Fufu


May 24, 2002
The Picnic
Traveler's Aid: Family Reunions
Update: Going Back Home, to Afghanistan
Interview: Jonathan Kaplan
Deal Of The Week: Roam Ireland on the Cheap
Postcard: Packing Predicament

May 17, 2002
Interview: Louise Kollenbaum
Interview: Sacks on Journaling
Great Outdoors
Traveler's Aid: The Perfect Camping Vacation
Deal Of The Week: Rainforest Adventure
Birdwatching in the Park


May 10, 2002
David and Goliath
Traveler's Aid: How Far Does Your Dollar Go?
Travels with Mom
Ireland by Horseback
Deal Of The Week: London Theatre Bargains
Interview: P.J. O'Rourke
Postcard: Three Days in Lisbon

May 3, 2002
Interview: Ismail Merchant
Postcard: Otavalo Medicine Man
Traveler's Aid : New Security Procedures at BWI
A Trip To the Corner Store
Interview: The Great Escape 2002
Deal Of The Week: RV Fever! Catch It!
UPDATE: Synagogue Bombing in Djerba
Tea With Nana


April 26, 2002
Interview: Trouble in Nepal
Synagogue Bombing in Djerba
Traveler's Aid: Spies for You and Me
Hungry for Italy
Interview: Father-Daughter Alaska
Deal of the Week: Last-Minute Cruises, European Airfare Bargains
Beach Break Gonzo

April 19, 2002
The Commuter Race
The School Carpool
Postcard: End of the Road
Interview: Neal Peterson, CEO of Flexcar
Interview: Zipcar
Deal of the Week: Oo-la-la! Fantastique French Bargains
Traffic Copter Tony


April 12, 2002
Interview: Michael Hurdzan
Postcard: Sand Trapping
Traveler's Aid: News Round-Up
Travel By Design: Richard Meier
Easter in Calabria
Deal of the Week: Weekend of Hope
Postcard: On the Bus with Maya Angelou

April 5, 2002
Sopranos Tour Wars
Interview: Mary-Lou Weisman
Interview: Alfonso Cuarón
Traveler's Aid: News Round-Up
Salton Sea - The Jewel Of The Desert
Deal of the Week: Ski Canada
Interview: Bob Duskis

March 29, 2002
Interview: Irving Haxham
Traveler's Aid: Behind The Guidebook Cover Shot
Boondocking At Wal-Mart
Interview: Joe Sharkey
Postcard: A Man And His Motorcycle
Deal of the Week: Fly Around Europe on the Cheap
Interview: Del McCoury Band

March 22, 2002
Interview: The Nanny Diaries
Truffle Hunt
Travelers' Aid: Steel And Deals
Interview: Irv Gordon
Digging Into Berlin's Past
Interview: Alan Rabinowitz
Deal of the Week: Friends Fly Free
Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

March 15, 2002
Deal of the Week: Rent A Car For 10 Bucks!
Travelers' Aid: Reality Check - Airline Security
My Two Left Feet
Interview: Elliott Hester
Confessions Of A Snowboomer
Interview: International Ski Force
Postcard: Potts
Postcard: Bogan

March 8, 2002
Deal of the Week: Airfare Bargains
Travelers' Aid: Airport Security
Going Back Home, To Afghanistan
Pushkar Camel Fair
Interview: Pat Carrier
Interview: Michael Graves
S.F. Taxi Tours
  March 1, 2002
Deal of the Week: Hawaii On The Cheap
Travelers' Aid:Frequent-Flyer Programs
Interview: Ed Rampell
Pattaya And Cabbages And Condoms
Interview: Peter Ackroyd
Purple Umbrella
World Manners
Interview: Bob Duskis
FEBRUARY 22, 2002
Deal of the Week: IGOUGO
Traveler's Aid: Rudy's Customs Quiz
Interview: Yo Yo Ma
Interview: Ruben Martinez
Interview: Richard Rodriguez
Notes From A Snug: Belfast
  FEBRUARY 15, 2002
Deal of the Week: Bargain Fares to Europe
Traveler's Aid: United Airlines vs. Mechanics
Brazilian Polyrhythms Of Life
Interview: Bud Greenspan
Interview: Richie Unterberger - Musical Vacations
Accordian Pilgrimage
Water Music
February 8, 2002
Deal of the Week: Cruising For A Bargain
Travelers Aid: Amtrak Derailed
Sleeping In Ice
Cajun Mardi Gras
Interview: John Ryan
Interview: Andrew Solomon
Bad Taste Meets Bad Art
  February 1, 2002
Deal of the Week: Escape To Munich
Travelers Aid: Last Minute Mardi Gras and Carnival
Utahans Take Off
Postcard: It's Raining Coconuts
Mary Lou Weissman: Sports Gesture Etiquette
Coming Home
Superbowl Quest
Interview: Suzanne Vega
January 25, 2002
Deal of the Week: Escape To Iceland
Travelers Aid: Last Minute Olympics
"Travel By Design" series -- Interview: Jon Jerde
Mass Tourism
A Ski Family
Hong Kong Hockey Night
Meet My Fixers
January 18, 2002
Deal of the Week: Cash In And Claim
Travelers Aid: Security Update
Home From Africa
Postcard: The Translator
Interview: Zahara Heckscher
Interview: Anthony Bourdain
January 11, 2002
Deal of the Week: San Fran For Sale
Travelers Aid: Snow and Ski Report
Interview: Anne Marie Ruff
Puppy Quest
Grashows Return To Fiji
From Russia With Love
My Malaysian Family
A Good Tale's In The Telling
January 4, 2002
Deal of the Week: Business Class for Less
Travelers Aid: Making the Most of Your Frequent-Flyer Miles
Interview with Gretel Erhlich
The Future of Travel
Laughing Club
An Outsider's Guide to Graceland
Postcard - Baksheesh

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