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Show and Features Archive - 1999

December 25, 1999
The Legend of Santa Claus
Duty Free Discounts
Bad Taste Tour: The Christmas Museum
The Season of Giving
Complete Rundown

December 18, 1999
In Search of the Past
Gifts for the Traveler
Christmas in Japan
Complete Rundown

December 11, 1999
Feeling at Home
Buying a Turkish Carpet
The Beautiful Badlands
An interview with Bob Burg
Complete Rundown

December 4, 1999
The Swan Song of Stately Homes
The New Yorker's NYC
Carmen's Boyfriend
An interview with Suzy Gershman
Complete Rundown

November 27, 1999
Cycling through Fairyland
Crossing the Line: The Korean Demilitarized Zone
Pre-Plymouth Pilgrims
First Flight with the Kids
Strange Foods Interview
Complete Rundown

November 20, 1999
From Here to Mexico
Does Bigger Mean Better?
Bringing the Music Outdoors
Travel Fitness Interview
Complete Rundown

November 13, 1999
An American Jew in Israel
Complete Rundown

November 6, 1999
Improving Your Swing
A Touch of Class in Yosemite
Remembering Berlin
Jobs for People Who Love to Travel
Complete Rundown

October 30, 1999
Renaissance Cruise Contest
Haunted London
Encore Provence
Celebrating the Day of the Dead
Kansas City Jazz
Complete Rundown

October 23, 1999
Nowhere Man
Cholera Diary
Avoiding a House Disaster
Complete Rundown

October 16, 1999
Astronomy Camp
Traveling with Pets
Mysterious Hawaii Postcard
John Lurie Interview
Complete Rundown

October 9, 1999
Hawaiian Trade Winds
Bad Taste Tour: Urological Museum
Postcard from China
Trends in Luggage
Heidi Yorkshire Interview
Complete Rundown

October 2, 1999
Visions of Istanbul
The Joy of Married Travel
A Rockette's Recollection
One Year Off
Scaling the Great Wall
Complete Rundown

September 25, 1999
An Artist's Paradise
Beating the Curse of the Single Traveler
A Man and his Motorcycle
Eat your Way Across the USA: An Interview with Michael Stern
Complete Rundown

September 18, 1999
Surrealism in a Mexican Jungle
Piping Down in Edinburgh
Open Road: County Fair
The 2000 Year Old Man: An Interview with Mel Brooks
Complete Rundown

September 11, 1999
New England Leaf Peeping
Revisiting the Hostel Experience
Fear of Flying
Complete Rundown

September 4, 1999
Ride the Rails by Bike
Anasazi Cliff Dwellings
Gorillas in the Bronx
Becoming a Flight Attendant Interview
Summer Correspondents Wrap-up
Complete Rundown

August 28, 1999
Quintessential Gloucester
Bad Taste Tour: Medical Oddities
Family Ranch Reunion
The Power of Travel
Turkey: The Aftermath
Complete Rundown

August 21, 1999
Lookin' Good in Lederhosen
Open Road: Seeing Sights in Sitka
Dalvay by the Sea
Celebrating the Arts in Edinburgh
Does Ecotourism Exist?
Complete Rundown

August 14, 1999
Open Road: Raising the Totem
Japan by Bullet Train
Summer Correspondents #3
Airports of the Future
Complete Rundown

August 7, 1999
Sunchasing in Hungary
Eclipse Interview
The Open Road: Alaska Marine Highway
Europe in August
Complete Rundown

July 31, 1999
Exotic Treasure in Santa Fe
Tranquility at the Turkish Baths
Bed & Blessings
A Walk in the Park
Complete Rundown

July 24, 1999
Canal du Midi, France
Italian Flair in San Fran
Summer Correspondents
Return of an Expatriate
Complete Rundown

July 17, 1999
Zurich Tango Festival
Open Road: Desert Green
The History of Vacation
Dangerous Spots for Gay Travelers
Carrying on About Carry Ons
Complete Rundown

July 10, 1999
Air Rage
Bad Taste Tour: Exotic World
Postcard: Traveling with Suma
Vagabond Traveler
Discovering Naturism
Complete Rundown

July 3, 1999
Leaning Towers
Aligator Anomaly
Traveling with Disabilities
Complete Rundown

June 26, 1999
Coffee, Tea, or Novocain™?
Hemingway in Havana
Summer Correspondents
Complete Rundown

June 19, 1999
The Pilgrim's Way
Open Road: Custer's Last Stand
Culture Watch: Venice Biennale
Expect Delays
Complete Rundown

June 12, 1999
Scotland by the Book
Bella Tuscany: Frances Mayes
Culture of Fear
Say Cheese
The Open Road: Gone Fishin'
Complete Rundown

June 5, 1999
The Path to Everest
State of Travel in China
Open Road: "National Park" poem
Bad Taste Tour: Liberace Museum
Hot Fun in the Summer Sun
Complete Rundown

May 29, 1999
Stranger in a Strange Land
Anne Bancroft on Fire Island
The Open Road: Window to the Universe
Hotel Isabel: On the Edge of Timei
Complete Rundown

May 22, 1999
Tidal Wave of Tourism
Nighttime in Nevada: Donna's Ranch
Really Authentic Adventure Travel
Wildest New Guinea
Complete Rundown

May 15, 1999
Touring Patagonia
The Call of the Wild
The Open Road: Nighttime in Vegas
Driving Lessons in Napoli
Complete Rundown

May 8, 1999
Aotearoa: The Maori New Zealand
Linking America's Coasts
Riding the Coattails of a Senator
The Nebraska Monuments Interviews
Complete Rundown

May 1, 1999
A New Look at Belfast
Interview with Buzz Aldrin
Traveling with Kids: Washington DC
Postcard from an Expatriate: San Miguel
Millennium Watch
Complete Rundown

April 24, 1999
Why New Zealand?
Singles Vacation
Travel Poetry
Rwanda Revisited
Complete Rundown

April 17, 1999
Didgeridoo: Sound of Australia
Interview with Tara Bahrampour
Gondola Lessons
Flight Attendant Diary
Complete Rundown

April 10, 1999
Traveling With Kids in Paris
Ay, Cuba!
Bad Taste Tours: Kathy's Freak Farm
The Open Road: Desert Spring
Complete Rundown

April 3, 1999
Pilgrimage to Lourdes
The Fun Also Rises
High Above the Himalayas
Kosovo and Terrorism
The Easter Bunny in West Africa
Complete Rundown

March 27, 1999
The Open Road: The Real Hawaii

Escape from America
Complete Rundown

March 20, 1999
Rudy Does the International Tourism Bourse
Spa Vacations at the Dead Sea
Tips for Women who Travel
Flying Solo
Travel Films: The 2nd Annual Rudy Awards
Complete Rundown

March 13, 1999
Go Native in London
The Open Road: St. Patrick's Day Butte Style
The Making of a Five Star Hotel
The Other Cabo: San Jose del Cabo
Complete Rundown

March 6, 1999
Journey to Robben Island
What Women Want: Interview with Melissa Biggs Bradley
The Truth Behind Airplace De-Icing
Animal Sounds
Complete Rundown

February 27, 1999
Explore the Northern Territory
The Open Road: San Xavier Mission
Take an Earth Odyssey: Interview with Mark Hertsgaard
Packing 101
Complete Rundown

February 20, 1999
Harlem Renaissance Tour
The Extreme Side of Oregon
It's Raining Coconuts
Taking Another Look at Haiti
Complete Rundown

February 13, 1999
Exploring South Africa's Wine Country
The Art of Selection--In-Flight Movies
Beyond the Border: The life of an ex-patriate
Struck by Cupid's Arrow? Interview with Janet Krebs
Complete Rundown

February 6, 1999
Hidden Singapore
The Open Road: Cowboy Poetry Gathering
Icelandic Air Retires a Legend
Trekking across Africa
Complete Rundown

January 30, 1999
So, How was St. Martin?
The Open Road: Cowboy Poetry
Is It the Superbowl Yet
The Beach: A History of Paradise on Earth
Interview with Picabo Street
Complete Rundown

January 23, 1999
Touring Tasmania
Hip Hotels
Traveling with the Travel Impaired
Interview with Simon Winchester
Complete Rundown

January 16, 1999
Political Tourism in Ottawa
The Open Road: Voice of an Angel
Traveling the Underground Railroad
Royal Caribbean Caught Again
Skiing with the Kids
Complete Rundown

January 9, 1999
Literary Heaven
World Monuments Fund
A Man and his Bass
The Ultimate Emergency Kit
Complete Rundown

January 2, 1999
Concierge School
Carrying on About Carry-ons
Marrakesh, Morocco
Travel Trends in 1999
Complete Rundown


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