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Visit to a Winery

Visit to a Winery
An Interview with Heidi Yorkshire

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Simply Wines

This is the time of year wine lovers wait for the harvest and in places like France you see banners proclaiming "Le Beaujolais est arrive." Translated from my rotten French that means, "The Beaujolais is here." But it's not just beaujolais that's ready to drink--nearly every variety of wine imaginable makes it debut in the fall. Now, most wineries across the U.S. and Europe welcome visitors, but since wine has that....I don't know...snobby association, I guess, it can be a little intimidating, going to a vineyard for the first time. So we brought Heidi Yorkshire on board to offer a few tips. Heidi is the author of the book Simply Wine, and she's a regular contributor to Bon Appetit magazine. I asked her what I should say to someone who's nervous about visiting a winery because they feel they don't know enough about it.


Savvy Resources for Wineries and Ordering Wine

  • Simply Wine
    Simply Wine, by Heidi Yorkshire, is a lively, relentlessly practical guide to picking the best of the many reasonably priced wines that fill supermarket shelves. It's a toolbox of skills you can use whether your favorite sipper is California white zinfandel, Australian shiraz or vintage Bordeaux.

    Order by calling Duplex Media toll-free 1-877-438-7539 or faxing credit card and shipping information to 503-280-8964. $12.95 plus $2.50 shipping ($4 for Priority Mail - - up to three books shipped for the same price).

  • Shipping Wine
    For information on legally shipping wine to your home from another state, contact Free the Grapes, an organization largely funded by the wine industry which advocates less restrictive shipping laws within the United States. (707-254-9292 or http://www.freethegrapes.org)

  • Winery Tours in Chianti
    To learn about half-day tours to wineries in Chianti from Florence, contact Bill Nesto at 617-698-3666 or email 102426.1674@compuserve.com.

  • Willamette Valley Wine Country Tours
    For small group tours of Oregon's Willamette Valley wine country from Portland, contact Ralph Stinton at Grape Adventure Winery Tours, 503-282-4262.

  • Champagne Wineries
    For more information about winery visits in Champagne, contact Champagne Wines Information Bureau, 800 Second Ave., New York NY 10017, 212-682-6300 or email info@champagnes.com.

  • Villa Banfi
    Visit Villa Banfi in Tuscany, at www.banfi.com.

Additional Wine Resources on the Web:

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