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Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Jobs for People who Love to Travel
An Interview with Ron and Carol Krannich

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As The Savvy Traveler, I know I've got a pretty enviable job. I mean, I get paid to go on vacation! Well, not exactly...it is a job after all, and there is some work involved. But I really fell into it. I mean, I'm the guy who actually reads the agate type on travel ads and tickets.

But there is a more systematic way to get a job that involves travel. Ron and Carol Krannich have written the book on it...and it's called, appropriately, Jobs for People who Love to Travel. It tells you how you can become anything from a flight attendant to a computer programer in Uzebekistan.

Now, Ron and Carol's book makes it sound pretty easy to get a job traveling the world, so I asked them if the competition is pretty stiff in the travel industry.


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