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Wildest New Guinea

Wildest New Guinea
An Interview about Tim Flannery

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Throwim' Way Leg Papua New Guinea is a nation of islands located north of Australia and east of Indonesia in the Pacific Ocean. One of the last frontiers on the planet, the country has been so untouched by civilization there are virtually no signs of modern life outside the capital of Port Moresby. But in its place you'll find incredible natural beauty. For nearly twenty years, research scientist, Tim Flannery, has been exploring New Guinea and his perceptions are collected in his new book called Throwim' Way Leg: Tree-Kangaroos, Possums, and Penis Gourds -- On the Track of Unknown Mammals in Wildest New Guinea. Tune in to find out more about Tim Flannery's experience in New Guinea, and what exactly "Throwim' Way Leg" means.


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