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Becoming a Flight Attendant

Becoming a Flight Attendant
An Interview with Tim Kirkwood

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Becoming a Flight Attendant Is your wanderlust stifled by your job? Well then, how about becoming a flight attendant? You could say it's the best and worst of jobs. Flexible hours and a chance to see the world are the benefits. On the downside there's air rage, cramped conditions and responsibility for the comfort and safety of a plane load of passengers. And it's not an easy job to get. Of the 200,000 people who applied for positions at United Airlines last year, only one percent were hired. Tim Kirkwood is a 24-year veteran flight attendant and author of The Flight Attendant Job Finder and Career Guide. He joins us so we can learn more about the people who direct us to the emergency exits. And, if you're interested in becoming a flight attendant, Tim's got a few tips.


Savvy Resources for Becoming a Flight Attendant

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