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Ay, Cuba!: Interview with Andrei Cordescu

Ay Cuba!
Interview with Andrei Codrescu

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In 1989, NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu was sent to his native Romania to witness the fall of Communism. He returned there several times after the revolution, but was left perplexed by all that happened.

Ay. Cuba! When his producer proposed that he take a trip to Cuba, Andrei was uninspired about visiting a tropical paradise in the dead of winter. But the thought of going to the island nation to study the demise of socialism intrigued him. Perhaps there he would find answers to what had happened in Eastern Europe.

So on the eve of the Pope's visit, Andrei and photographer David Graham journeyed to one of the last socialist countries in the world. Andrei's interviews with the people he met are collected in his latest book Ay, Cuba!: A Socio-Erotic Journey.

He wanted to go to Cuba see a country that reminded of his childhood in Stalinist Romania and also because all Americans of his generation were fascinated by it. What it was about Cuba that made it so crazy?

Andrei Codrescu has his own home page at http://www.codrescu.com/


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