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An around-the-world race has just finished. The event, called "The Global Scavenger Hunt," featured 25 two-person teams, covering over 1 million miles from Los Angeles to New York -- the long way! Across 4 continents, the teams had no idea where they would be going day to day, and relied on clues to point them in the right direction. They traveled by camel, rickshaw, on foot.

We caught up with one the contestants, Victoria, in the heat of competition, after she had just finished the Cairo leg of the journey. Exhausted, but in the lead, Victoria gave us her thoughts on racing across 10 countries, competing for $100,000 in cash and prizes -- and "The World's Greatest Travelers" trophy.

The Great Escape 2002


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When we talked to Victoria, she and her partner Joan were in the lead...

»UPDATE! (5/6/2002) The official winners are Victoria Rivers and Joan Havard! They are now dubbed "The World's Greatest Travelers" by Great Escape 2002.

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The Great Escape 2002

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