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Deal of the Week: Ski Canada (4/5/2002)

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Diana: You're listening to the Savvy Traveler. I'm Diana Nyad, and it's time to check in with our Travel Expert in Residence, Rudy Maxa, to check out his Deal of the Week. Hey, Rudy. You went to Paris again and forgot to take me.

Rudy: Oh, man -- I knew I forgot to pack something! If it makes you feel any better, I was only there 2 days this past week. But the weather was gorgeous, and everyone was asking after you.

Diana: Oh, yeah, that makes me feel great. Got a deal to Paris for me?

Rudy: Actually, this week we're going north.

Diana: How far north?

Rudy: Up to that great bargain travel destination called Canada, where the U.S. dollar is very strong. I'm talking about British Columbia, where there's been more snow than usual, which means we can ski right on into early June.

Diana: Isn't that summer?

Rudy: It is. If you're at lower elevations, you'll also be able to golf. So take your choice: Play golf or tennis one day, hit the slopes the next.

Diana: What kind of prices are we talking about?

Rudy: Well, there are plenty of packages out there, but one from a company called Skican includes air from the East Coast to Vancouver, transport to Whistler Resort, and then 7 nights lodging at Whistler Resort, plus lift tickets, for -- in U.S. dollars -- as little as $775 per person.

Diana: Cross-country air tickets, plus lodging, plus lift tickets for less than $800 a person? Too good. What's the catch?

Rudy: That price is based on two people traveling and staying together. There are more expensive lodging options, but you're going to have to work to pay more than $1,000 a person for a week's package.

Diana: Are there golf deals, too?

Rudy: There are, as well as golf and ski combos, as I mentioned. Check out skican.com or for a toll-free phone number. Keep in mind, there are plenty more options. Call Air Canada, for example, or visit any travel agent, and you should be able to cobble together a great trip at a very, very reasonable price.

Diana: Thanks, Rudy. See you next week for another tip?

Rudy: It's a deal, Diana.

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