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As part of this July 4 holiday weekend, we thought we'd take a trip to the most coveted American institution -- the mall -- and get an idea of what it really means, from a foreigner's perspective.

Beppe Servignini, an Italian who writes for The Economist, is the author of the book "Ciao America! An Italian Discovers the U.S." A best-selling author in his native Italy, Beppe's new book is about a "foreigner" coming to grips with life and culture in the United States.

We asked Beppe if we could tag along with him on an outing to an upscale mall just outside Los Angeles. And, we sent Savvy Traveler Producer John Hoult to investigate.

Interview: Beppe Severgnini


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Savvy Resources:

Beppe Severgnini's Web site [in Italian]

Ciao America, by Beppe Severgnini

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