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Deal of the Week: Airfare Bargains (3/8/2002)

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Diana: Rudy's back with us now with his Deal of the Week. Hey, Rudy.

Rudy: Hi, Diana. I'm afraid I have to begin with an apology.

Diana: An apology? What have you done, Rudy?!

Rudy: I made the classic mistake I so often encourage others not to make. On last week's Deal -- the United fares to Hawaii -- I quoted one-way fares for trips that require a round-trip purchase. This is frustratingly common in airline ads. Sure, $195 for LA to Hawaii sounds great, but that's like advertising a bicycle without telling the buyer you have to pay extra for the second wheel.

Diana: So it'll cost $195 times two then for me to go to Maui?

Rudy: Unfortunately, yes, and I apologize to listeners who may have swerved into another lane when they heard such cheap fares.

Diana: Okay, we forgive you, but how are you going to make it up to us?

Rudy: I thought I'd give you a couple of new airline deals that are accurately priced.

Diana: Begin your penance. What have you got?

Rudy: Until the end of March, Cathay Pacific will fly you from LA or San Francisco as well as -- get this -- New York to Hong Kong and Singapore for only $599 before taxes.

Diana: Uh, that's round trip?

Rudy: Heh-heh. Yes, it is.

Diana: Travel dates?

Rudy: The first of May through the last day of June. The $599 price is good for Monday through Thursday travel. Add $50 for the weekend.

Diana: Great deal, especially from New York. What else?

Rudy: Well, if Asia is your cup of tea -- pardon me -- Malaysia Air also has a great offer. You can fly to 24 cities for only $747 in a 30-day period. Now, this one is good for travel from Los Angeles through the end of May, and then again between mid-August to mid-November. If you want to go during the peak summer travel season, tack on $200.

Diana: Rudy, I hereby grant you absolution.

Rudy: Thank you, Diana. And to prove that I'm back on the straight and narrow, I'll be back next week with more great deals.

Diana: We're going to hold you to that. See you next week.

Rudy: See you then.

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