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Rundown for the Week of December 20, 2002

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Opening Of Show

North Pole by Amy MayerReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Reporter Amy Meyer went to one of the coldest spots on the U.S. map to preview what you can do there over Christmas-time. Now, the North Pole is a tad inaccessible for Christmas season vacationers, but its Santa Adventure Package promises "a magical fun-filled evening with Santa" in Alaska, near Fairbanks. The tour has evolved into a 2-day excursion that includes many of interior Alaska's attractions, including dog sled rides and real reindeer. Amy went there to hand Santa her wish list in person.
»Alaska Dog Mushers Association:
»City of North Pole, Alaska:
»Info. on North Pole, Alaska:
»Santa Adventure Package info:

Planning your own trip to Alaska?
AlaskaThisYear.com: Books, travel planner, vacation tips and interactive events calendar


Holiday Sounds:
Warm Weather RinksReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
People from wintry climates who take trips to summery spots over the holidays seem to think snorkeling and wearing shorts don't really fit the Christmas season. But those of us who live outside the snow belts create our own holiday spirit. Humorist Cash Peters left the gray, wet winters of England for sunny California -- and became a warm-weather ice skater crashing around a rink in downtown Los Angeles.
Cristos NegrosReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Tatiana Harrison is an American reporter living in Peru. Sure, she has covered many stories all around the world, but she said one of her most challenging assignments was getting musicians to play the distinctly Peruvian holiday song "Navidad Negra." Is it a sad song, like the musicians said, or, just a complicated request at a Peruvian concert when the locals want to dance?

Interview with Eric Ripert
author of A Return to CookingReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Every week, our reporters fan out across the globe, collecting sounds of distant cultures. This week, Aaron Ximm visits a temple in Angkor, an abandoned Hindu city, built in the 12th century, now in ruins in the Cambodian jungle. He arrived just at sunset as the golden light of the late afternoon kissed Angkor good night. Aaron recorded some children there that he found in between the outer walls and the surrounding moat, where -- in the shadow of history -- they played.
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»Bio on Le Bernardin restaurant Web site:

Mystery Trip by Kelly WilkinsonReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Family vacations for some of us meant piling into a wood-paneled station wagon and basically becoming the slave of our parents for the week. But some families went on trips where all the generations have a lot of fun traveling together. Kelly Wilkinson has one of those families. They go somewhere interesting every year and actually look forward to it. But the twist to the Wilkinson trips is that Kelly and her siblings don't have a clue ahead of time as to where they're going.
»City of Kalispell, MT:
»Newspaper in Kalispell:
»Kalispell City Guide:






Music with Bob DuskisReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Bob Duskis, co-founder of Six Degrees Records, introduces us to new sounds from different corners of the world. Today, Bob features two groups that span the globe from Sudan to Sarajevo and Germany, and mix sounds to form a musical pastiche of different cultures and genres.

"Habibi" by Ali Hassan Kuban, from "The Rough Guide to Ali Hassan Kuban:"

Ali Hassan Kuban is from Nubia, a neighboring civilization to Egypt that now lies inside of Sudan. Kuban sings many of his songs in the Nubian language and his music has elements from the musical legacy of Nubia mixed with international pop and urban, funky bass and rock grooves. Kuban has called attention to Nubian culture and has made it hip for young people to explore the roots of their culture.
Purchase this music online: > click to buy <

"Stiff Jazz" and "Ford Transit" by dZihan & Kamien, from "Gran Riserva:"

While the duo lives in Vienna, Vlado dZihan is from Sarajevo and Mario Kamien is from Germany. They think of themselves as "new Europeans," incorporating different cultures and styles into the songs of their new album, "Gran Riserva." It's a musical tribute to their fathers, who were professional jazz musicians in the '60s and '70s in Europe and Asia Minor. "Gran Riserva" features samples of the fathers' recordings woven into the new compositions. "Stiff Jazz" represents this jazz, while "Ford Transit" is about the duo's fascination with Turkish music.
Purchase this music online: > click to buy <

»Label Web site: www.sixdegreesrecords.com
»dZihan & Kamien's first album "Freaks + Icons" on The Savvy Traveler:Read more...
»Bio of Ali Hassan Kuban:
»Ali Hassan Kuban on Afropop Worldwide:
»Info. on dZihan And Kamien:

Sound Travels Cathedral of Notre DameReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Toward the end of the show, we bring you some simple sounds from yet another unique spot. Today's sound comes from Scott Carrier, who was standing inside the Cathedral of Notre Dame, in Paris. The voices, footsteps, and people whispering and praying all echo along the stone walls and the high arched ceilings until they become a roaring white noise that pulses and breathes -- and seems almost alive. Scott turned on his microphone when a men and boys choir began to sing.
»Images of Notre Dame:
»History of Notre Dame:

Traveler's Aid: Holiday Survival Guide

Last-Minute Christmas Travel Tips Real Audio Listen in RealAudio

Well, we made it through the Thanksgiving travel crush, and now Christmas is around the corner. So, is there anything we can learn from Thanksgiving travel patterns to help us make it through Christmas? Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad talks with Travelocity's Amy Ziff about the study they conducted over Thanksgiving in which they stationed people at the nation's largest airports to monitor activity. The good news is security flowed pretty smoothly; the unexpected snafu for many travelers was checking bags.

And our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, joins Diana to chat about some last-minute tips of his own: the five common mistakes travelers should avoid...

»For a list of items that you can't bring on a plane, go to: www.tsatraveltips.us.

Deal of the Week

Bargain Flights, Cheap SleepsReal Audio Listen in RealAudio

Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, and elite-status frequent flyer, Rudy Maxa, is here with great bargains on airfare to, and hotels in, that regal country across the pond.

Click here to read all the details.

Call 800-63-SAVOY and ask for The London Sunday Times weekend rate, or click on www.cremedelacreme-hotels.com

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