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Rundown for the Week of August 9, 2002

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A Day At The Beach In Iran by Borzou Daragahi
Just a few miles off the coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf, Kish is a sandy, laid-back coral island that would seem to be the ideal vacation paradise. But an earthly paradise is a complicated prospect in the Islamic Republic of Iran, ruled by Shiite clerics who have imposed restrictions on every aspect of social and cultural life in the country. Borzou Daragahi recently visited the Islamic Republic's version of paradise.

Travel By Design: Cesar Pelli
Most of the time we go on vacation to wind down, soak up the sun, and see some sights. But one world-renowned architect conceives of summer vacation as a different design altogether. Cesar Pelli suggests you "vacate" your cluttered mind...to clear out all the noise. He says the rewards are more than worth the effort. What's more, he has just the place to inspire peaceful contemplation.

Sausage Hand in Oz Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
Getting hurt, or sick, while you're traveling is something to worry about - especially, if your trip is going to take you into remote areas where you might not have access to a good hospital for days. Steve Featherstone was way out in the Australian Outback with his friend Mark when he had a small accident. If you take a look at a map of the vast Outback, you can see that even a minor injury could be cause for concern -- when you're that far out.


Funeral Putt Putt Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
Drive through the smaller towns of America and you'll notice that the, literally, thousands of miniature golf courses try hard to distinguish themselves from one another. There's the pirate motif, the mermaid theme, the igloo course...Cash Peters, who prides himself on digging up the ultimate, weird version of every tourist destination he visits, may have outdone himself this week -- with the indoor links at Ahlgrim's Funeral Home, in Palatine, Illinois.


Deal of the Week: Staying in Style in DC
Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, unleashes his Deal of the Week: A great "Savvy Traveler" price for The Madison Hotel in Washington DC.

Traveler's Aid: Travel Health with Dr. Dirk Schroeder
Host Diana Nyad talks with Dr. Dirk Schroeder about what you can do when serious medical problems occur while traveling. Dr. Schroeder, author of "Staying Healthy in Asia, Africa and Latin America," has some tips on how you can remain healthy as a horse while traveling in countries around the globe.

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