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Rundown for the Week of February 15, 2002

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Opening Of Show

»Featured Music: Michael Franti and Spearhead, "Stay Human" from "Traveler 02"

Interview: Bud Greenspan
"Most of my documentaries call for a lot of travel. I have probably, since I've been doing this, seven or eight million miles under my belt. I spend as much time in planes as I do on the ground."
--Bud Greenspan, on his career journeying around the world to make documentaries about the Olympic Games.

»Featured Music: Yonderboi, "Pabadam" from "Shallow & Profound"

Brazilian Polyrhythms Of Life
"The drums thundered. The high priests looked like sweet and frail grandmothers, but they kept pace as they sang and danced in circles. Under the spell of Omalu the ladies got up and changed into the costume of the gods: wigs of straw that stretched to their feet."
--Jeff Tyler, who used drumming to better understand Brazil's history and culture.

»Featured Music: Fug, "The Prophet" from "Ready For Us"

Local Station Break

»Featured Music: Fauna Flash, "Tel Aviv - Charlie Dark Remix" from "Confusion"

Interview: Richie Unterberger - Musical Vacations
"It has to be Appalachian music -- you can't go on and do stuff from the Gong Show. It's stuff you're not even going to see on public television folk broadcasts."
--Author Richie Unterberger, on how unique music festival vacations can be.

»Featured Music: Kelly Jo Phelps, "Sail The Jordan" from "Roll Away The Stone"

Accordian Pilgrimage
"At this point, I lost Glen as my guide. He had spotted his beloved Roman Aella model with the colors of the Mexican flag. It had plenty of engraving and flashy rhinestone work. But Glen wasn`t interested in just something glitzy."
--Jeff Biggers, who went to Castelfidardo, Italy, to help his friend buy the town's most famous export -- the accordian.

Travelers Aid: The United Airlines vs. Mechanics Smackdown!
--Rudy Maxa, our travel expert-in-residence, looks into the current wrestling match between United Airlines and its mechanics, and whether this may affect your travel plans -- with a little help from Steve Lott, business editor at Aviation Daily.

»Featured Music: Dining Rooms, "Numero Deux" from "Numero Deux"

Local Station Break

»Featured Music: Fauna Flash, "Tel Aviv - Peter Kruder Bum Rush The Discotheque Mix" from "Vienna Mixes EP"

Deal of the Week: Bargain Fares To Europe
--Rudy Maxa, our travel expert-in-residence, unleashes his Deal of the Week: a great to get unusually low fares into early spring on Virgin Atlantic and Icelandair -- some as low as $99 each way, from a number of major cities.

»Featured Music: Monsieur Charles, "The Flute Plays On" from "Paradisiac 3"

Water Music
"Each walk through the gardens yields a new musical cadenza. The bubble and tumble of streams rushing through the aquaduct. The hiss of jets through biforcating pipes. The crystaline ping of a drop on stone."
--Lena Lencek, who escaped the Oregon rain to flee to Mexico -- only to discover a deep appreciation for water.

»Featured Music: Radar, "Caravane" from "Mystic Grooves"

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