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Rundown for the Week of December 27, 2002

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Opening Of Show

Interview with Isabel Allende Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
Along with the mix of warm-weather trips, we're looking back on an interview Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad did with one of the world's great travelers, author Isabel Allende. Isabel was forced out of her native Chile in 1973, when her uncle was assassinated there. But she was able to quickly lay down roots in several different countries. The characters in her novels, like Allende herself, are travelers of the world. Her best-known work is "The House of the Spirits" and her most recent book is called "Portrait in Sepia." Diana talks to Isabel about the impact of living a vagabond life.
The Interview with Isabel Allende previously aired on 11/09/2001. Listen to audio from the original broadcast: Click » here «

It's Raining Coconuts by Fritz Burke Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
It's no accident that magazines this time of year feature pictures of the azure waters of the Caribbean -- and TV execs know most of the country loves to watch surfing shows from Hawaii about now. Well, we decided to revisit a story Fritz Burke did on relaxing on an idyllic beach on the South China Sea. Everything's perfect there -- except for the rapid-fire whizzing of coconuts plummeting from the trees. Hard-hat, anyone?
It's Raining Coconuts previously aired on 2/20/1999. Read the script and listen to audio from the original broadcast: Click » here «

Club Med by Alex BloombergReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
When contributor Alex Blumberg decided to go on a personal exploration of the singles scene at Club Med on the Pacific coast of Mexico a few years ago, it sounded like a good idea at the time: conga lines, tropical drinks, bountiful bikinis. But rather than throwing himself into it, Alex stepped in, gingerly. As Alex said: "You can take the boy out of public radio, but you can't take public radio out of the boy."
Club Med previously aired on 4/24/1999. Read the script and listen to audio from the original broadcast: Click » here «

Postcard: Sand Trapped by Doug LanskyReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
While much of the country is under a blanket of snow, golf Meccas worldwide are showing off their ultimate beauty. It's the season for bright blue skies, cool crisp sweater weather and emerald-green fairways -- not that Doug Lansky, our guide to roughing it around the world, found any of this when he took a sand wedge to the all-sand course of Dubai. Nope, nothing at all emerald-green about this course.
Sand Trapped previously aired on 4/12/2002. Read the script and listen to audio from the original broadcast: Click » here «

Sound Travels Bells of DubrovnikReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Contributor Julie Shapiro went to Dubrovnik, Croatia, and recorded church bells ringing. She heard them while wandering amongst the white stone buildings of Dubrovnik's Old City. When she stopped inside Pile Gate, she ran into a guy decked out in very convincing 17th Century minstrel garb: tights, knickers, lots of purple and black velvet, and a floppy, beret-like hat. He played guitar. "Big love," he'll tell you -- that's what his songs are about. Sit back and open your ears to Julie's simple sounds of travel.
»Useful information about Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Region:
»City Guide, Weather and Hotel Info.:
»Dubrovnik Airport Info.:

Traveler's Aid: Year in Review Real Audio Listen in RealAudio

It has been a quite a year in travel: a year of great change and challenges. In 2002, we watched airlines hemorrhage $7 billion and plummet in bankruptcy; screeners were federalized and 3,000 new air marshals took to the skies. Southwest started charging large passengers for an extra seat, and we're all paying more for oversized bags. We'll remember 2002 for armed pilots, positive bag matching, and Richard Reid, the guy who tried to detonate his shoes. The Acela express train broke down, and cockpit doors were reinforced. Gate agents stopped asking us if our bags had been out of our possession, Bali became a dangerous place, and we're all still trying to figure out what to make of the Norwalk virus.

But of all the things that happened this past year, which are the most important? Which will have lasting impact? To answer that question, our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, chimes in with our 2002 Year in Review. Rudy talks about how these events of 2002 will affect the way we travel next year, and for years to come:

  • Nonrefundable tickets
  • Bankruptcies
  • Marketing alliances
  • TSA implementing new security measures
  • The rise of low-cost carriers.

  • Links:
    »For a list of items that you can't bring on a plane, go to: www.tsatraveltips.us.

    Deal of the Week

    Great Cities, Great PricesReal Audio Listen in RealAudio

    Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, is back with a great deal to look forward to in the New Year, especially if you'd like to visit some great American cities in 2003.

    Tourism and convention bureaus across the country are reprising great seasonal hotel offers. Deeply discounted hotel rooms or 2-nights-for-the-price-of-1 deals can be found on the Web sites of big-city tourism offices.

    Click here to read all the details.

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