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One sub-genre storytelling, under the travel story umbrella, is the father/son journey. In this story, the father, Bob Steinberg, a retired NASA physicist, spent 4 years on a merchant marine ship back in his youth. The son is a writer, Neil, who has been struggling since childhood to connect with his dad.

But Bob and Neil are like oil and water. These men embarked on a similar ship as the one Bob took 50 years ago, on a similar route, across the Atlantic. Neil had hoped 30 days at sea would bring them closer together.

Neil has written about the voyage in a new book, “Don’t Give Up the Ship” and, frankly, it’s not a warm and fuzzy dad-and-lad tale. It’s largely a story of friction and disappointment. It’s also about shame, because the whole impetus for the trip was Neil remembering how great the first trip was for his dad.

Interview: Neil Steinberg


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Neil Steinberg does not get along with his father. In an effort to get closer, Neil took a 30-day voyage with his dad across the Atlantic on a merchant marine ship. The seas might have been calm on the trip, but it wasn't smooth sailing for Neil and his father. Neil writes about his adventure in his recent book "Don't Give Up the Ship: Finding My Father While Lost at Sea."

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Neil Steinberg's Book, "Don't Give Up The Ship: Finding My Father While Lost at Sea" on Amazon.com

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