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Deal of the Week: Roam Ireland on the Cheap (5/24/2002)

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Diana: I'm Diana Nyad, and you're listening to The Savvy Traveler. Let's check in with Rudy Maxa, our Travel Expert in Residence. Rudy, I love that fetching green shirt you're wearing today. Wouldn't have anything to do with your Deal of the Week, would it?

Rudy: Actually, it would. The green is in honor of a great deal on trips to Ireland this summer from a tour company called "Sceptre Ireland." The name comes from Shakespeare: "This royal throne of kings, this scepter'd isle."

Diana: Richard II?

Rudy: You should have been a literature professor.

Diana: Well, I'm stuck with the travel gig. Speaking of which -- what's the deal?

Rudy: From June 1 through August, Sceptre Ireland will fly you from the East Coast to either Shannon or Dublin, give you a rental car, and coupons for 6 nights at B&Bs and inns throughout Ireland for $900. Full breakfasts are included.

Diana: Airfare, too?

Rudy: Yep. If you're flying out of other major U.S. cities, it's still a good deal -- only $190 extra from San Francisco or LA, for example. The great thing about this package is that you map out the trip. Just pick up the car, grab your vouchers, and roam Ireland.

Diana: Fine print?

Rudy: Not much. The price is based on 2 people traveling together, and weekend departures cost a little more. The car will have a standard shift -- you'll pay $42 more to upgrade to an automatic.

If you can wait to travel until September, that $900 price drops to $659. After mid-October, it's only $500.

Diana: Wow. That saves you $200 to $400.

Rudy: Exactly. You can find all the details at www.sceptreireland.com. Go to the "Click Here For Weekly Specials!" green box at the upper right-hand part of the homepage.

Diana: Good deal, Rudy. Thanks. See you next week.

Savvy Resources:

For more information on Sceptre Ireland's summer package tour deal, go to their Web site...

  • Make your way to the "Click Here For Weekly Specials!" green box at the upper right-hand part of the homepage.

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