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Rundown for the Week of March 8, 2002

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Opening Of Show

»Featured Music: Stephen Mikes, "Medium Rara" from "Putamayo Presents A World Instrumental Collection"

Going Back Home, To Afghanistan
"Many want to start businesses, hoping to create a fuller, if simpler, life. Some older people want to return so they can die and be buried in their homeland. As one Afghan-American leader told me, 'We are a homesick people.'"
--Debra Schifrin, who spent time with three Afghanistan refugees planning to visit their homeland.

»Featured Music: Ry Cooder and UM Bhatt, "Isa Lei" from "A Meeting By The River"

Pushkar Camel Fair
"He draws a line of black coal around Mona`s eyes to ward off evil spirits, hangs a dozen brightly colored beads around his baby neck, and ties a string of small brass bells around his ankles. Murabi says that's so the camel can walk to his own music."
--Bernice Notenboom, on her adventures to the world's largest camel fair.

Interview: Pat Carrier of The Globe Corner Bookstore
"If you're looking for a more wilderness aesthetic experience while still, perhaps, car camping, these are invaluable guides that will get you off the beaten track."
--Pat Carrier, talking about just one of the guides for those searching for travel adventures.

Local Station Break

»Featured Music: Portishead, "A Tribute To Monk And Canatella" from "Sour Times EP"

"Travel By Design" series -- Interview: Michael Graves
"Their architecture is a living organism. The Baroque added onto the Renaissance, and the modern added onto the baroque and nobody thinks anything of it, if it`s done well. So it is a very, very different spirit in Rome."
--Architect Michael Graves, on how Rome has influenced his work.

»Featured Music: Dave Brubeck, "Things Ain't What They Used To Be" from "Dave Brubeck Plays Standards"

Travelers' Aid - Rudy Answers Listeners' Burning Travel Questions
--This week, our Travel-Expert-in-Residence Rudy Maxa answers listeners' questions.

»Featured Music: Thunderball, "On The Sly" from "Modular Systems"

Local Station Break

»Featured Music: John Coltrane Quartest, "Say It (Over And Over)" from "Ballads"

Postcard: S.F. Taxi Tours
"Because like Kerouac said, 'Beat' means beatific. Seeing the face of god, gaining experience while we go through what he called 'these pangs of travel.'"
--Hank Rosenfeld, who had a Kerouac-like experience himself while driving a cab in the Bay Area.

»Featured Music: Charles Mingus, "Haitian Fight Song" from "The Clown"

Deal of the Week: Airfare Bargains
--Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence Rudy Maxa reveals his Deal of the Week: a round-trip ticket to Hong Kong and Singapore for under $600 from LA, San Francisco, or New York.

»Featured Music: Air, "Femme d'Argent" from "Moon Safari"

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