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Rundown for the Week of November 29, 2002

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Postcard: Spa Humbug by Mary Lou WeismanReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Here's a segment not specifically about food, but about where you can go after the overindulgence of Thanksgiving: a spa. Did you know the weekend after the Turkey Day gorgefest is the biggest new member time for health clubs across the country? Well, Mary Lou Weisman went to Tecate, a couple hours south of the San Diego border, to hike and soak at the Rancho La Puerta Spa. She traveled with her husband, Larry. Larry kicked and screamed about going on the trip beforehand -- but once there, he becomes "The Spa King."

Spa Humbug previously aired on 5/11/2002. Read the script and listen to audio from the original broadcast: Click » here «

Visit the spa online:
Rancho La Puerta: http://www.rancholapuerta.com

The Mystery of Fufu by Matt Holzman Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
This time of year is all about trying new foods. Ever had a deep-fried turkey? How about grandma's ambrosia surprise? Like the guinea pigs relatives turn us into to sample their holiday creations, every seasoned traveler who has made it off the beaten path has an exotic food story to tell. Matt Holtzman heard the lore of one pale, mushy, starchy blob. So, he went to Ghana on a quest for something the locals affectionately call "fufu.".

The Mystery of Fufu previously aired on 5/31/2002. Read the script and listen to audio from the original broadcast: Click » here «

Interview: Anthony BourdainReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Anthony Bourdain is a New York chef who doesn't just get excited about great food over the holidays -- it just happens to be one of his passions in life. (The other is travel, for those keeping score.) He has even earned the nickname of the "Marco Polo of food." His latest book, "A Cook's Tour" is about his planet-wide search for The Perfect Meal. It's a rollicking 'round-the-world adventure from the finest dining in haute cuisine restaurants to the sacrificing of a goat in the Saharan desert. When Tony travels, he dives headfirst into the meals, the culture, and the people of every place he visits.

Interview with Anthony Bourdain previously aired on 01/18/2002. Read the script and listen to audio from the original broadcast: Click » here «

Thai BugsReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Part of the adventure of travel is discovering what foods other cultures value. But what if you're traveling in fairly remote areas and the food starts looking, well, a bit strange? Well, Judith Fein was traveling in Thailand with her husband, and when they visited the island of Phuket, Judy discovered that many locals believe entomology is a science best practiced in the kitchen. Sure, she wasn't totally unflappable when it came to sampling the bugs, but she still managed to -- sort of -- open her mind to the experience.

Thai Bugs previously aired on 09/20/2002. Read the script and listen to audio from the original broadcast: Click » here «

In the Kitchen with CarlaReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Thanksgiving may be behind us, but the feasting has just begun: Chanukah started Friday night, and Christmas is less than a month away. The welcoming scents of brisket and turkey, kugel and pumpkin pie... Many of the holiday dishes simmering in our American kitchens have come down, by word of mouth, across generations, from our ancestors. Today's families are living out the customs of many generations by what they cook for the holidays. Jeff Biggers went to Spoleto, Italy, last year to visit his grandmother-in-law for Christmas. This was the holiday scene Jeff enjoyed in a real Italian kitchen...

In the Kitchen with Carla previously aired on 12/21/2001. Read the script and listen to audio from the original broadcast: Click » here «

Travel Update with Joe SharkeyReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Managers of local airports gathered last week in Salt lake City to talk to federal officials about the troubled times ahead for the airline industry: namely, the Dec. 31 deadline that says all checked bags need to be inspected. What will this mean for travelers? We talk to Joe Sharkey, business travel columnist of The New York Times, to learn more about the impact it could have. Joe says that this winter, after the deadline falls, there could be more commotion in the airline industry than we have ever seen. And, we also ask him about Delta's as-yet-nameless new, low-cost subsidiary airline. Wonder if "Cry For Help Airlines" is taken?

Deal of the Week: Travel on the Cheap with the Student Advantage Card
Something called the Student Advantage card can save students of all ages a chunk o' change. The card costs $20, and it's available to full- or part-time high school students, as well as undergrads and graduate students. There's no age requirement. It's for planes, trains and automobiles. Buses, too...

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