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Deal of the Week: Rent A Car For 10 Bucks! (3/15/2002)

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Diana: You're listening to The Savvy Traveler. I'm Diana Nyad. It's time for our Deal of the Week, which means Rudy Maxa, our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, is back with us. Hey, Rudy.

Rudy: Hi, Diana. You know, we've had some pretty big-bucks deals lately -- flights to Asia for $600, and that kind of thing. This week, I thought we'd stick at little closer to home. Maybe you're thinking about a weekend getaway and you need a rental car.

Diana: Uh-oh. Rental car prices have been headed skyward lately.

Rudy: They have. Rental car companies were hard hit by the travel downturn. In fact, two major rental car firms are operating under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which makes this offer from Enterprise all the more attractive.

Diana: Enterprise? Don't they mainly rent to people whose cars are in the shop?

Rudy: Historically, yes. But Enterprise is moving into the mainstream rental business. It's actually the largest rental car company in North America. And if they don't have a location at the airport you're flying into, they'll often pick you up, if you have a reservation.

Diana: Okay, so what's the deal?

Rudy: In many locations, you can get a weekend rental for $9.99 a day.

Diana: $9.99? Wow! You'll spend more on gas than you do on the car. But what, exactly, constitutes a "weekend" in car-rental lingo?

Rudy: You can pick up your car anytime after noon on Friday; return it before noon on Monday.

Diana: Unlimited miles?

Rudy: That varies by location and date. Keep in mind, too, that not all locations are offering this deal. In my hometown of Washington DC, for example, seven out of 13 DC locations offer the $9.99 special. You won't find that rate in Manhattan -- one of the most expensive places to rent a car. And you'll have to shop around in other big cities like Chicago, Boston and San Francisco -- but there are some locations in those places that have the deal.

Diana: Is there an advance reservation requirement?

Rudy: Book online at www.enterprise.com by 3:30 in the afternoon before the weekend you want to rent.

Diana: Thanks, Rudy. See you next week for another one.

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