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Traveler's Aid: The Perfect Camping Vacation (5/17/2002)

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Bruce Northam, author of "Globetrotter Dogma," Tess Vigland, host of the Marketplace Morning Report, and Tom Steinstra, author of "California Camping" tell stories about the best, most picturesque campgrounds they know. Tom stresses that the perfect camping vacation has more to do with attitude and a willingness to go that extra 5 percent. "Another five percent," Tom says, "is all you need to seperate yourself from the rest of the camping pack."

Savvy Resources:

Palmer Pond in New York's Adirondacks State Park


Bruce Northam is the author of "Globetrotter Dogma"

Mount Hood Nation Forest in Oregon

Metolius River in Central Oregon:

Brad Olsen is the author of World Stompers and the forthcoming North American Sacred Spots. He recommends the Many Glaciers campground in Glaciers National Park in Montana.

Rae Lakes in California's Kings Canyon National Park:


Tom Stienstra has written many, many guidebooks on the outdoors. Including California Camping and Pacific Northwest Camping.

Check out Foghorn Outdoors Press for their comprehensive web guide, "Campers Companion"

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