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Rundown for the Week of November 8, 2002

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Revisiting The Somme by Martin Stott
November the 11th is Veterans' day, and the day when the World War I finally came to an end. Across Europe, there are many tour companies who will take you round the battlefields of the First and Second World Wars, which claimed the lives of over a million Americans. Earlier this year, we sent Martin Stott over to France to join a tour of the battlefields of the Somme.

Shanghai-ed In Portland by Dmae Roberts
Many cities have underground tunnels long-abandoned and unused. The "Shanghai Tunnels" underneath Portland, Ore., are getting a reputation around the country for its historic and ghostly tours. Producer Dmae Roberts has lived In Portland for 12 years and had heard of the tunnels where sailors where Shanghaied, but didn't know there were tours until she read about it in Parade Magazine. She decided to go on the tour....

An $800,000 TimeshareReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Celebs the world over zoom around in the own private planes -- aren't you just a little curious to find out how decadent the comfort is? While it's a travel experience most of us can only dream about, it's no longer just the realm of the ultra-wealthy. Why? Because the concept of time-sharing a jet is growing among biz travelers. Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad checked out a fleet of sleek private planes which were on display for potential share-owners to buy in. Want to know the sales pitch?


Banjo Baggage by Jeff BiggersReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Everybody has holiday baggage advice, and people seem to be split on whether they should check baggage. Reporter Jeff Biggers has a baggage story of his own. Since we usually learn lessons by making the mistake we'll never make again, let's pay attention to Jeff -- and maybe we won't have to learn this lesson "the hard way."

Land of the Lost
(Lost Luggage article from CNN.com)

Interview with Bob DuskisReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Every couple of weeks, we take a trip through the world of music with Bob Duskis, the co-founder of Six Degrees Records. He has his ear to the ground for the best musical styles around the globe. This week, he explores hip "blip hop" sounds, or "intelligent dance music," from Northern Europe.

Luaka Bop (official site)
What is Blip Hop?
(Blip Hop Explained)
The Only Blip Hop Record You Will Ever Need, Vol. 1

»Support The Savvy Traveler by purchasing the music on www.PRMS.org:
Various Artists: The Only Blip Hop Album You'll Ever Need
Anima Sound System: Hungarian Astronaut

Traveler's Aid: How to Make It Through the Airport Unscathed
From clearing security to dealing with flight delays, the airport can quickly become a nightmare. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are simple things you can do to make the airport experience a little less painful. To answer that question, Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad chats with John McCorkle, a flight attendant with 13 years of experience schlepping through airports. If anyone knows how to minimize the hassles, he does.

Deal of the Week: The All-Asia Pass
This week, our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, joins us from Singapore to tell us what's hot on the travel scene in Asia.

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