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Traveler's Aid: Best Web Site for Booking Your Trip (6/7/02)

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It's one of those things Savvy Travelers never get tired of: "How do you find the best priced airline ticket available?" At The Savvy Traveler headquarters, we have discussions on this topic weekly. One person likes Orbitz, another Travelocity. Yet another, swears by CheapTickets.com, while Rudy Maxa sings the praises of the old brick-and-mortar travel agent.

So who really has the best deal? Do you feel like everybody gets a better price on an airline ticket than you do?

Well, then you have to find a copy of the latest Consumer Reports Travel Letter. June's cover story rates the airline Web sites. They took the six biggest sites -- CheapTickets, Expedia, One Travel, Orbitz, Travel Now and Travelocity -- and did exhaustive testing. And in the end, there were winners and losers.

We talked with Bill McGee, editor of the Consumer Reports Travel Letter, and asked him, "Who really is #1?"

Savvy Resources:

Consumer Reports Travel Letter http://www.consumerreports.org/travel/

Consumer Reports Travel recommendations:
"Web sites: You still need to compare"

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