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Travel with Kidz Kwiz (12/13/2002)

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In this week's "Holiday Survival Guide:" Traveling with kids. Flying alone can be hard enough, but add kids to the mix and you've got a whole host of new issues to worry about. So, how much do you know about traveling with the wee ones? Do you know whether a car seat counts a carryon? At what age must kids begin bringing a photo ID to the airport? What toy is guaranteed to offer hours of in-flight fun without annoying anyone? Take the "Travel with Kidz Kwiz" and find out.

1. True or false: You do not need to buy a seat for a 1-year-old.

True. You don't have to buy a seat for kids under 2. But for their safety and your sanity, splurge on a ticket. Most airlines give you a 50% break on the fare.
2. What's the best time of day to travel with your kid?
Depends on the kid. Try to synch up your flight time with your kid's sleep schedule. That way, they'll be snoozing in the air and not kicking the back of the seat in front of them.
3. Which of the following items do not count as carryons: a diaper bag, a car seat, a stroller?
Trick question. In most cases, none of these items will count as a carryon. Check with the airline before you leave.
4. True or false: Most airlines offer a special kid's meal.
Some do, but don't expect them to have it even if you've requested it. Always keep snacks on hand, and if your kid wants to eat goldfish crackers for lunch, let 'em. An airplane is not the place to be fretting over nutrition.
5. True of false: Be sure to box your stroller before you check it to avoid damage.
False. Do not relinquish your stroller until you absolutely have to. Gate-check it. In most cases, the airline will have it waiting for you when you arrive.
6. True or false: For security reasons, all kids 12 and over must bring a photo I.D.
False: On most airlines, it's 16 and over. But it can't hurt to bring a birth certificate for younger kids.
7. Parents' favorite place to sit on a plane is where?
The bulkhead row. Much more roomy.
8. How many oxygen masks are there in a row with three seats?
Usually, there are four. So if you have a baby on your lap, there will be an extra mask for the baby.
9. An effective way to minimize ear popping is to a.) bounce your kid on your lap; b.) apply light pressure to the pressure point on her elbow; c) give her some juice.
C. Sucking on a straw or bottle minimizes ear popping.
10. Fill in the blank: The most highly rated plane toy among parents is ____________.
Tape. Nearly everyone we talked to mentioned tape as the most riveting distraction for young kids: It's cheap, it's easy, and you don't have to worry about small parts rolling under the seats.

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