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Rundown for the Week of February 22, 2002

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Opening Of Show

»Featured Music: Groove Armada, "My Friend" from "Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)"

»Featured Music: Tweaker, "Linoleum" from "Recline"

Travelers' Aid - Rudy's Customs Quiz
--Rudy Maxa, our travel expert in residence, gives advice on ways to get through Customs more smoothly. Take his quiz to test your Customs-related knowledge.

»Featured Music: Karsh Kale, "Empty Hands" from "Realize"

Interview: Yo-Yo Ma
"It`s not as difficult as it seems because once you start asking questions, there's so much that starts coming out. The six degrees of separation -- it's really more like three degrees of separation."
--Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, on his two-year mission, The Silk Road Project, which brought musicians and music of various points in Asia together.

»Featured Music: Omar Faruk Tekbilek, "Shashkin" from "Mystic Grooves"

Local Station Break

»Featured Music: Stoppa & Nobby, "Sweet Lassi Dub" from "Mystic Grooves"

Interview: Ruben Martinez
"At the rest stops and Piggley Wiggleys across this land, you'll find Mexicans -- always two three or more. They just jumped out of a box car at the train yard in Davenport. They just washed their face at the sink next to you in the Dennys in Dallas."
--Ruben Martinez, on the hardships and adventures that come with crossing the border to make ends meet.

Interview: Richard Rodriguez
"We are much less innocent about borders -- about the durability of lines between countries. Growing fearful about that lack of durability, we realize the world has been very complicated long before we began to notice it."
--Richard Rodriguez, on the bigger picture, the social significance of the realm of cultural mixing.

»Featured Music: Los Moscos, "Soy Callejero (Mark Pistel Remix)" from "Traveler 02"

Local Station Break

»Featured Music: Michelle Shocked, "Why Do I Dub?" from "Dub Natural"

Deal of the Week: I Go U Go
--Rudy Maxa, our travel expert in residence, unleashes his Deal of the Week: a great way to save money on travel -- the IgoUgo Travel Club.

»Featured Music: Money Mark, "Cry" from "Keyboard Repair"

Notes From A Snug
"In the Protestant stronghold of Shankill Road, the wall murals show more bravado. Here, portraits of men in black masks and holding guns loom anonymous and menacing. And, Princess Diana, elegant in her tiara, looks out of place in this gritty, cheerless neighborhood."
--Diane Richard, on her trip to Belfast, Ireland -- a part of the world where walls are deeply ingrained in the history.

»Featured Music: Afrocelt Sound System, "Whirl-Y-Reel (Tico Re-Blend)" from "Volume 1: Sound Magic"

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