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Deal of the Week: I Go U Go (2/22/2002)

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Diana: It's time to check in with our "Travel Expert in Residence," Rudy Maxa, to see what he's unearthed for his "Deal of the Week." Hi, Rudy.

Rudy: Hey, Diana!

Diana: I understand you were in Salt Lake City at the same time I was this past week?

Rudy: Well, not that anyone would notice. I was changing planes from LA to DC, and we landed late. I had 12 minutes to make my connection, so it hardly counted. I saw some mountains out the terminal window, though.

Diana: So, technically, you were in Salt Lake during the Olympics.

Rudy: Technically, yes.

Diana: So what do you have for us this week?

Rudy: There's a Web site called igougo.com -- I'll spell it for you in a minute -- that bills itself as, "a community of real people sharing travel experiences."

Diana: Sort of like us.

Rudy: Sort of, yes. You can read other people's travel journals to see if you'd like to follow in their footsteps. You can even look at their photos, some 30,000 of them. And of course, you can book travel and order stuff. But igougo also has a travel club, and it just might be worth the annual fee, depending on your travel habits.

Diana: Tell me about it.

Rudy: You pay an annual fee and get the following good stuff: A free "Rough Guide" of your choice -- that's the guidebook series that competes with the "Lonely Planet" folks; a free night annually at any of 1,400 participating B&Bs, when you pay for one night at the regular rate; a free companion airline ticket in North America; some very special rates at hotels -- which is to say, $50 a night. And if you write about your stay for your igougo journal, you get half of that back!

Diana: You're kidding! Are they decent hotels?

Rudy: They are. In Seattle, the quite splendid Hotel Monaco participates. And you don't have to buy a room at the regular rate. You get one night at $50, and if you write about your stay within four weeks, you get $25 back. Plus, you get a free subscription to "National Geographic Traveler" or "Outside magazine." Oh, and a discount on cruises, too.

Diana: Okay, how much is this membership?

Rudy: Well, it's usually $75, but I talked to the igougo folks, and they're extending a special membership price of $59 through this coming Friday, March 1.

Diana: Great! How do you sign up?

Rudy: Let me spell the site for you, 'cause it's tricky. It's I-G-O-U-G-O.

Diana: Igougo.com.

Rudy: You got it.

Diana: Thanks, Rudy.

Savvy Resources:

For more information on the "I Go U Go" travel club, check out www.igougo.com.

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