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Rundown for the Week of September 20, 2002

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Thai Bugs by Judie Fein
When people travel, they often seek out peak dining experiences--great restaurants in exotic locales. When our correspondent Judie Fein went to Thailand, she checked into the very tony new JW Marriott Resort and Spa on Phuket island. They have 5 gourmet restaurants, but Judie wanted to sample something off the menu... some real local cuisine.

Odessa Steps by Rolando Arrieta
Has a movie ever inspired you to go someplace? Reporter Jared Manasek has a somewhat strange story for us today. Inspired by movie "Battleship Potemkin," Jared traveled to Odessa, in the Ukraine, on the Black Sea. Jared was struck by one movie scene so much, that he was compelled to get to Odessa to recreate it. He learned a lot about the Ukrainian culture while trying...

Edmund White's Paris Part 1 Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
Some people say that Paris is the ultimate city. Our tour guide, and Stateside Francophile, today is writer Edmund White. Edmund has spent years living in Paris. In 1993, when he was living in the Chatelet neighborhood there with his lover Hubert Sorin, Hubert was losing his life to AIDS. They collaborated on a sketch/prose book called "Our Paris." Now that Hubert has passed away, "Our Paris" has been published again. That's where we started our conversation...
Edmund White's Paris Part 2 Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
Whether you visit Paris for a long weekend or spend an extended time in Paris, you inevitably wind up walking the streets, day and night. Edmund's newest book "The Flaneur" is a delightful stroll through all the aesthetic Parisian neighborhoods. First off, we ask him to tell us just what the definition of "The Flaneur" is.

Edmund White's Web site: http://www.edmundwhite.com

The Mine Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
Karin Muller is a fearless, go anywhere, do anything, solo documentary machine. Today, Karin reports from Ecuador, from a small town called Nambija, not far Peru. She takes us deep underground into working mines to understand the lives of men who labor down there -- probably not kind of vacation many of us likely to take...but we're grateful to Karin for going for us.

Gold Mineralization of Nambija: http://www.unige.ch/sciences/terre/admin/positions/posteore0106.html
Karin Muller's Vietnam stories: http://www.pbs.org/hitchhikingvietnam
Conversations On The Beach: http://savvy.mpr.org/show/features/2002/20020802/postcard1.shtml

Deal of the Week: Cheap Hops Across The Pond
Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, unleashes his Deal of the Week: a huge British Airways sale.

Traveler's Aid: Lost Luggage - Stats and Solutions
Ever arrive at your destination without your luggage? You're not the only one. Seems like everyone has an "I-went-to-Spain-and-my-bag-went-to-Singapore" story. How does a luggage delivery service work, and is it right for you? To answer those questions, we talk with Richard Altomare. He's the CEO of Universal Express, which runs Virtual Bellhop and Luggage Express, two luggage delivery services.

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