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Some people are better at the daily discipline of keeping a journal than others. But for our next guest, discipline isn't really an issue. Oliver Sacks, a writer and a neurology professor at NYU's School of Medicine, says that, for him, putting pen to paper is a compulsion.

One of his journals became the "Oaxaca Journal," the latest of many books that Sacks has written. You may know some of them: "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat," "An Anthropologist on Mars" and "Awakenings." Sacks is a prolific writer -- and that includes his lifelong passion for keeping a journal.

From history to archeology to botany to neurology to the wonders of chocolate, this man puts his keen mind into such a wide array of subjects. Sacks has hunted for fossils in Australia and studied strange neurological conditions in Guadeloupe.

"Oaxaca Journal" comes out of his most recent trip. In Mexico, Oliver was fascinated with scorching chili peppers, the power of chocolate, and more than anything else, 700 varieties of ferns.

Interview: Sacks On Journaling


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Real Audio Sacks on Oaxca Ferns,Travel and Neurology
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