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Rundown for the Week of December 13, 2002

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Opening Of Show

Modern Paris Salon by Judith Ritter
My mother grew up on a street in Paris called Rue Notre Dame de Champs. She lived immediately next door to Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas. Mom was raised by her uncle who was an art collector and she says it was nothing out of the ordinary to come home from school and find her uncle, Gertrude, Alice, Henri Matisse, Ernest Hemingway and several other artists of the day sitting around, sipping tea, and discussing their art or the news of the day with great passion. Our reporter Judith Ritter went to Paris to see if the what they call the salon is still a way of life there. Judith found a salon but we're not sure that Gertrude & Alice would fit in any more.

Holy Camels! by Bernice NotenboomReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
For some, the travel preference of choice is physical adventure. Well, for one of our truly intrepid reporters, Bernice Nottenboom, this is especially true. Bernice is known for packing up her radio gear and going to remote corners of the globe most of us will only ever read about -- or hear about. We last heard from Bernice from the Camel Fair in Pushkar, India, on the fringe of the Tar Desert. Now, she's taken the next step.

»IndiaMart.com - Good top-level information about the Rabari tribe:

Interview with Robert Henson
Author of The Rough Guide to WeatherReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
"Climate is what you expect...weather is what you get." Robert Henson, author of the book The Rough Guide to Weather, gives us the latest weather conditions around the world, including the upcoming El Nino and the how to plan our trips around them. He'll talk about the best times of year to visit various locales and explain the fine points of weather "averages" in guide books.


»Purchase this book online while supporting The Savvy Traveler:
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Sound Travels: Angkor WatReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Every week, our reporters fan out across the globe, collecting sounds of distant cultures. This week, Aaron Ximm visits a temple in Angkor, an abandoned Hindu city, built in the 12th century, now in ruins in the Cambodian jungle. He arrived just at sunset as the golden light of the late afternoon kissed Angkor good night. Aaron recorded some children there that he found in between the outer walls and the surrounding moat, where -- in the shadow of history -- they played.

Foot Museum Tour by Cash PetersReal Audio Listen in RealAudio
Did you know there was an era when there was no such thing as left and right shoes? You had identical shoes for both feet. Can you imagine? This, and other little-known and bizarre oddities about feet, can be discovered in Chicago at the Feet First Museum. Cash Peters, who's most attracted to oddities in general, went to scope it out.

Feet First Foot Museum: http://bigfoot.scholl.edu/e/

Press Coverage: Article: "It's 'Feet First' for new North Chicago museum"

Apply to the Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine: Online Application

Traveler's Aid: Gift Ideas for Travelers
Forget money belts and travel alarm clocks... This year, give the traveler in your life something they can really use. "Like what?" you ask. Good question. And, to answer it, Diana heads to Distant Lands, a travel bookstore and outfitter in Pasadena, Calif. Store owners Susan Hickman and Louanne Kalvinksas show us this year's hot travel gifts: everything from snazzy carryons that'll set you back $350 to dental dots for $2. Something for everyone!

Traveler's Aid 2: Travel with Kidz Kwiz
In this week's "Holiday Survival Guide:" Traveling with kids. Flying alone can be hard enough, but add kids to the mix and you've got a whole host of new issues to worry about. So, how much do you know about traveling with the wee ones? Do you know whether a car seat counts a carryon? At what age must kids begin bringing a photo ID to the airport? What toy is guaranteed to offer hours of in-flight fun without annoying anyone? Take the "Travel with Kidz Kwiz" and find out.

Deal of the Week: Europe for Two
Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, has a new deal aimed at getting more of us overseas in the new year.

Trafalgar, a large tour company, has teamed up with American Airlines to make the following offer: Book a tour to Europe before December 31st and a companion flies from any American gateway city to Europe for only $100 roundtrip.

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