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Sleeping On Ice

Sleeping On Ice

by Judith Ritter, 2/08/2002

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Judith Ritter takes us into the frozen heart of winter. As on any winter holiday, you bundle up, explore the sights of the town and rush back to your cozy hotel. But you won't find the welcoming library fire at this hotel. Judith introduces us to a place just outside Quebec City that is ice cold 24/7 -- and that's by design. Not only is there no fireplace -- there's no heat.

Quebec's famous Ice Hotel, which is made entirely out of ice and snow, is built in winter -- and disappears in spring. It features furniture carved from ice blocks, two art galleries, a movie theater and an ice bar.

Sleeping On Ice
Judith Ritter relaxes on an ice chair, next
to an ice table -- in an ice room.

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