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Sam Minter's photos. Hit "Refresh" for a randomized picture.

There are travelers, there are tourists, and then there's Sam Minter. We could call Sam a new breed -- a hybrid tourist-traveler. Using a hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) as a modern divining rod, Sam picks his vacation spots at random. Like a tourist, he has a very specific destination in mind, but like any good traveler, his journey has an adventure. We caught up with Sam just before he set out on his latest "random" spot -- a little town in England called Aylesbury.

Interview: Random Spot Tourist


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Savvy Resources:

To find out more about visiting Aylesbury, England, go to http://www.aylesburyvale.net/.

To find out more about Sam Minter's random spot travels, go to http://www.abulsme.com and click on "trips".

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