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Rundown for the Week of April 12, 2002

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Opening Of Show

»Featured Music: Blue States, "Golden Touch" from "Modular Systems"

Interview: Michael Hurdzan
You know, it has been said that all politics are local. Well, actually, all environmental concerns are local. And much of what we do is environmentally driven. So the golf course is in fact a reflection of cultural values.
--Michael Hurdzan, describing his philosophy behind designing and building golf courses..

»Featured Music: Yonderboi, "100% Trevira" from "Pabadam EP"

Postcard: Sand Trapping
"It felt more like putting on a clay tennis court, after the abuse of a singles tournament. The brown was made of sand mixed with oil, and steamrolled. There was a broom at edge of the brown to sweep up your footprints after you putted. Or perhaps we were supposed to use the Olympic curling technique and sweep just in front of the rolling ball. "
--Doug Lansky, playing golf at the sand course at the Dubai Country Clove in United Arab Emirates.

»Featured Music: Alex Cortez, "Smooth" from "Hi-Fidelity Lounge v. 3"

Traveler's Aid: Summer Camps: Beyond Crafts and Canoeing
--Our Travel Expert in Residence Rudy Maxa discusses summer camps that go beyond the typical activies.

»Featured Music: Yonderboi, "Unconscious" from "Pabadam EP"

Local Station Break:

»Featured Music: Stoppa & Nubby, "Sweet Lassi Dub" from "Mystic Grooves"

Travel By Design: Richard Meier
"The afternoon light over the Hudson River is magical. It`s unbelievable the whole office is aglow with that setting sun streaming through the windows. It`s so beautiful I wouldn`t dream of being anywhere else."
--Richard Meier, on the beauty of light in New York.

»Featured Music: Diffusion, "Second Future" from "Om Lounge v. 6"

Easter in Calabria
"Blood washes blood, the southern Italians say. Blood binds brothers. Blood buries enemies. Blood settles feuds. I went to Calabria, the bleak, beautiful arch of the Italian boot, to see and touch the blood of sacred sacrifice."
--Frank Browning on the flagellents during Easter in Calabria.

»Featured Music: Tin Hat Trio, "Esperanto" from "Helium"

Local Station Break:

»Featured Music: Fauna Flash, "Tel Aviv (Peter Kruder's Bum Rush the Discotheque Mix)" from "Vienna Mixes EP"

Deal Of The Week: Weekend of Hope
--Our Travel Expert in Residence Rudy Maxa reveals his Deal of the Week: Free lodging and other amenities at the Weekend of Hope event for cancer awareness.

»Featured Music: Nightmares on Wax, "A Night's Interlude" from "Smokers Delight"

Postcard: On The Bus With Maya Angelou
"And sometimes we stop the bus and get out and let sunrise happen to us; just to be alive and be on the side of the road in Iowa or Illinois, or Mississippi, and see the sunrise. It's very nice. I believe the bus has given me at least two more years of life."
--Maya Angelou, on her bus savoring the flavor of the country and of the road.

»Featured Music: Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, "I'll Rise" from "Welcome to the Cruel World"

Close Music:

»Featured Music: Fug, "Overflow" from "Ready for Us"

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