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Rundown for the Week of May 3, 2002

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Opening Of Show

»Featured Music: Fug, "Thin Air" from "Ready for Us"

Interview: Ismail Merchant
"The library there was so extraordinary. You went there and you felt like you are on holy ground. The whole atmosphere was just so wonderful. And the light there, the Oxford light is so different from the Trinidadian light, you know."
--Ismail Merchant, discussing location shooting and filmmaking.

»Featured Music: Richard Robbins & Zakir Hussain, "Leela's Foot" from "Mystic Masseur Soundtrack"

Postcard: Otavalo Medicine Man
"WHO WILL BE FIRST?!" he thundered, holding up the pitcher like an offering to the gods. There was instant pandemonium as a hundred bodies strained forward, hands grasping at the air."
--Karin Muller, describing the Otavalo Medicine Man's "hard sell."

»Featured Music: Los Mocosos, "Soy Callejero (Mark Pistel Remix)" from "Traveler 02"

Traveler's Aid : New Security Procedures at BWI
--Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, gives us the low down on the new security measures at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

»Featured Music: Fenomenon, "Pacific Memories" from "Om Lounge V. 5"

Local Station Break:

»Featured Music: Butti 49, "Spiritual Rotations" from "Future Sound of Jazz V. 8"

A Trip To the Corner Store
"Past the firehouse, past Tuffy`s '57 buick, down the street of chimney to chimney row houses. Jump the square with Payton`s blood still staining the concrete: 'Don`t step on it or he`ll come back to get you.' Down, down, down, all the way down to the corner store. "
--Katie Davis, on her "journey" to the corner store in her neighborhood of 30 years.

»Featured Music: dZihan & Kamien, "After" from "Freaks & Icons"

Interview: The Great Escape 2002
""So, you know at times, like, that we say okay this is important. Let's stop for a minute. Let's really, really appreciate this."
--Great Escape 2002 competitor Victoria, on slowing down to stop and appreciate the scenery during the race around the world.

»Featured Music: Technicolor, "Ano 2" from "Normal Color Range"

»Featured Music: St. Germain, "Pont des Arts" from "Tourist"

Local Station Break:

»Featured Music: Portishead, "A Tribute to Monk and Canatella" from "Sour Times EP"

Deal Of The Week: RV Fever! Catch It!
--Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, unleashes his Deal of the Week: RVs and hitting the road.

»Featured Music: Soulstice, "Wind" from "Om Lounge V. 5"

UPDATE: Synagogue Bombing in Djerba
"This year, I come here mostly with, ah, support … I feel less safe in France than being here. Honestly."
--Judith Fein, on traveler safety in the aftermath of the tourist bombing in Djerba.

Tea With Nana
"He brought out a bottle of Black and White scotch, and we played a drinking game which involved grabbing the back of your buddie's neck, pulling him toward you, and smashing your foreheads together. First one to cry, or bleed -- game over."
--Hank Rosenfeld, talking about fun and games on the kibbutz in Israel.

»Featured Music: B. Fleischmann, "Chad F. (The Tick and Sax Mix)" from "A Choir of Empty Beds"

Close Music:

»Featured Music: dZihan & Kamien, "2 Minutes" from "Om Lounge V. 6"

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