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Some of the music and voices heard during this week's show were recorded in Djerba, Tunisia, this past Monday by our contributor Judie Fein. Judie went to Tunisia for the Lag B'Omer Festival, which takes place every year in the 2,500 year old Jewish community there. But there was concern this year because of a suicide bombing 3 weeks ago, now linked to al-Qaeda. Tragically, 19 people died, most of them Europeans.

Judie spoke with tourists from all over Europe this week who traveled to Djerba, despite the headlines. She says the Tunisian government has tightened security in Djerba, and there are now escorts from the airport. And, the Tunisian minister of tourism plans personal visits to victim's families in Europe. Judie says that, while the crowds were smaller this year, the Lag B'Omer festival still managed to carry on successfully.

UPDATE: Synagogue Bombing in Djerba


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