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Rundown for the Week of September 13, 2002

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Bed and Breakfast by Trish Anderton
For those of us who live and work in the city, running a bed and breakfast is a common escapist fantasy: the perfect way to get away from the noise, dirt and stress of modern life. But what is it really like to own one of those charming country inns? We sent New Hampshire Public Radio's Trish Anderton to the Berkshires to find out.

Fado Laundry by Rolando Arrieta
For hundreds of years, a staple image of Porto, Portugal, has been its narrow streets decorated with draped colorful clothes, dancing high in the wind. No matter what, someone is hanging outside a window laying out a clothesline of freshly laundered garments. Even today, Portuguese people take great pride in their laundry, and don't mind exposing it to the world. For many, washing clothes is a free-spirited social occasion. The Savvy Traveler's Rolando Arrieta discovered a laundry scene where happiness and kinship blend well with fatigue and hard work.

Sushi-Fest Alaskan Style Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
The Chilkoot River in southeast Alaska is one of the easiest places in the world to view brown bears. Unlike other bear-feeding hot spots, which require dangerous bush flights to remote rivers, the Chilkoot's salmon spawning grounds are on the Alaskan road system. That's causing a problem, according to a biologist studying the area. Doug Fine takes us to the glacial waters of the Chilkoot.

Doug Fine's Web Site - http://www.well.com/user/fine
Yeshua Guided Tours - http://www.yeshuaguidedtours.com
Alaskan Nature Tours - http://www.alaskanaturetours.net

Planning your own trip to Alaska?
AlaskaThisYear.com: Books, travel planner, vacation tips and interactive events calendar

The Summer of My Greek Taverna Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
Sticking with our theme of immersing yourself in the local culture, we present Tom Stone, who traveled to the Greek Islands to spend more than a decade running a restaurant on the island of Patmos. His new book about his experience is called The Summer of My Greek Taverna Tom jumped at the adventure -- even if his friends had their doubts.

The Summer of My Greek Taverna by Tom Stone on the Simon & Schuster Web Site
VR Patmos:A virtual reality tour of the beach at Kambos - http://www.vrpatmos.co.uk
Greek products and items from Greece - http://www.greekshops.com
GoGreece: The internet guide to Greece and the Greek Islands - http://www.goGreece.com
The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association - http://www.ahepa.org

The Importance of Money Belts Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
We talk to Doug Lansky, who's now writing "The Rough Guide To Traveling Around The World," every so often to get travel-related guidance. This week, Doug talks to us about what you should put in your passport pouch -- because what you put in there is extremely important. So, you've got your passport, your cash, your bank card...but, what else? Doug fills us in. And, he has one main piece of advice: "Treat your passport pouch like you would your spleen -- never leave it anywhere."

Traveling is Living - A traveler's resource Web site

Deal of the Week: Spain Spectacular!
Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, unleashes his Deal of the Week: a bargain on airfare to Spain!

Traveler's Aid: Autumn Adventures - Beyond Leaf-Peeping
Fall vacation season has officially begun. We wanted to bring you some ideas for unusual fall trips -- autumn adventures you many not have thought of. Sean Greene, CEO of the Away Network, gives us his recommendations for great alternative fall getaways all over the country, from biking trips through Napa to gator watching in the bayou. And, we talk with "leaf guy" Scott Cowger to get the scoop on leaf-peeping. Scott is the co-owner of Maple Hill Farm, a charming B&B in Hallowell, Maine, and an Official Foliage Spotter for the Foliage Network. Trust us: the man knows his leaves.

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