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Grandmother Maria and Jonathan behind the house in Poland.

One of the first milestones in a relationship is traveling to meet your significant other's family. Our reporter Jonathan Menjivar went with his girlfriend Justine back to her native Poland to meet her family, the food, the language, the customs. At first, the trip intimidated Jonathan because Justine has a lot of childhood memories that he couldn't possibly re-create back in the USA. But he soon discovered that he really didn't have to try to, because the "competition" between the cultures existed only in his mind...

Well, in Poland....

By Jonathan Menjivar, 6/28/2002

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Justine and her grandfather Stanislaw on the day of her first communion.

Savvy Resources:

Jonathan's story on Transom.org: http://www.transom.org/shows/2002/200204.shows.poland.html

Discuss Jonathan's story on Transom.org:

Jonathan Menjivar's story comes to us from the public radio Web site Transom.org, with support from the Open Studio Project and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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