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Rundown for the Week of May 24, 2002

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Opening Of Show

»Featured Music: Blue States, "Golden Touch" from "Modular Systems"

The Picnic
"I can give you directions, and you'll arrive at Otha Turner's picnic -- the last of the great picnics -- but, that's really only half of what you need."
--Ben Adair, who traveled to Mississippi to go to Otha's legendary picnic.

»Featured Music: Junior Kimbrough, "Junior's Place" from "Big Bad Love soundtrack"

Traveler's Aid: Family Reunions
--We have lots of good advice on putting together a great reunion, for planners and attendees alike. And Craig Richards from Familyreunion.com shares his insights as well.

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»Featured Music: Tom Verlaine, "Sleepwalking" from "Big Bad Love soundtrack"

Update: Going Back Home, To Afghanistan
"She visited the Russian embassy, where 25,000 refugees are now living. They've all been displaced by war -- mostly widows and orphans, starving, maimed. It was the very thing that Katrin had told me before that she was afraid to face."
--Debra Schiffrin, hearing about Katrin Fakiri's trip back to Afghanistan.

»Featured Music: dZihan & Kamien, "Homebase" from "Freaks & Icons"

Interview: Jonathan Kaplan
"I ended up, because I was the only doctor there -- in fact, I was the only doctor working in northern Iraq at that time -- being both anesthesiologist and surgeon, putting the patients to sleep, and then operating on them."
--Jonathan Kaplan, on traveling to frontlines all around the world as a field doctor.

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»Featured Music: Tony Allen, "Black Voices" from "Black Voices"

Deal Of The Week: Roam Ireland on the Cheap
--Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence Rudy Maxa unleashes his Deal of the Week: An amazing package deal to visit Ireland.

»Featured Music: Fauna Flash, "Tel Aviv (Stephanie A. Main Pass Mix)" from "Confusion"

Postcard: Packing Predicament
"Morning. Everyone packed the previous night. The boy, 12, filled 3 bags -- one with clothes, two with computer games. The girl, 14, filled 4 bags -- all with clothes."
--An exerpt from Bob Ballmer's dramatization of a family trip.

»Featured Music: Headcleaners, "Fraud" from "Om Lounge v.5"

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