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Today, we talk to a doctor who has made career traveling to the frontlines of wars all around world.

Jonathan Kaplan is a field doctor. For 20 years, from Burma to Eritrea, he has moved from battlefield to battlefield, fighting to save lives. Now, he has written a book called "The Dressing Station: A Surgeon's Chronicle of War and Medicine." Dr. Kaplan started our conversation by recalling the dire straits at the front lines in Kurdistan.

Interview: Jonathan Kaplan


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Since his early days treating the casualties of apartheid in Cape Town, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan has saved -- and lost -- lives in the most remote corners of the world, under the most extreme conditions. Inspired by the journals Kaplan kept while working as a field doctor in the battlefields of Iraq, South Africa and Mozambique, "The Dressing Station: A Surgeon's Chronicle of War and Medicine" reveals the devastating realities of life on the frontlines.

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Check out Jonathan Kaplan's new book, "The Dressing Station: A Surgeon's Chronicle of War and Medicine, on Amazon.com

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