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Award-winning writer Gretel Ehrlich is out with a new book, This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland -- and the strange thing about it is that she never had an interest in Greenland. Then one day back in 1991, she was walking her dogs on her Wyoming Ranch. A bolt of lightening struck her back and she was knocked unconscious. When she came to, Greenland -- oddly enough -- was on her mind.

Gretel made it her mission to get to Greenland and, in keeping with the uber-winter that has blanketed places like Buffalo and Charlotte recently, we thought it would be illuminating to talk to someone who is a huge fan of winter. The more rugged the icy landscape, the better.

Interview: Gretel Ehrlich

Diana and Gretel
Writer Gretel Ehrlich (right) visiting with Diana Nyad at the
Savvy Traveler studios to discuss her new book. (Credit: Jim Gates)

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