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Andy, the dog Susan and son traveled more than
1,000 miles to bring home (Photo:Susan Cuscuna)

Years ago, I went to Nebraska to pick up my puppy chocolate lab, Badger. And, even though I'm not a Midwesterner, all Badger's life, when people would ask where I got him, I would stand tall and say, "Well, sir, he's from Nebraska," as if I planted the wheat fields outside Lincoln myself.

Contributor Susan Cuscuna made a similar kind of journey to bring a special canine companion back to her home. Her and her son Sam pursued the dog across mountains and forests, past cities and towns, beside farmland and seashore, through rain, snow, sleet, and even hail. But, as we've said before on this show, some trips don't turn out as we foresee them.

Puppy Quest

by Susan Cuscuna, 1/11/2002


Andy, the dog they "met" over the Internet, before he jumped up and
knocked down Sam -- changing his feelings...(Photo credit: Susan Cuscuna)



Woody -- original name "Harry" -- that Susan chose after Sam
was no longer happy with Andy(Photo credit: Susan Cuscuna)
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