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Deal of the Week: Hotel Deals in Greece (6/21/2002)

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Diana: You're listening to The Savvy Traveler, and I'm Diana Nyad. Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, is in Greece this week taping his public television series on Europe. But he's pulled himself away from the cameras long enough to bring us his Deal of the Week. Hey, Rudy.

Rudy: Hi, Diana.

Diana: So, another tough assignment. Where are you, exactly?

Rudy: Well, I've been in Athens and Delphi, but right now I'm on the island of Santorini -- and let me tell ya, it is HOT! That scorching Greek summer sun is just beating down on the glistening black sand beach.

Diana: Aw, poor thing. Do try to persevere, won't you? Meanwhile, does your deal have anything to do with where you are?

Rudy: It does, Diana. I was surprised to find so few Americans here right now -- this being the start of prime summer vacation season, and all. But that's translating into great bargains.

Diana: For example?

Rudy: To begin with, I flew into Athens and stayed 4 nights at a lovely hotel called the Andromeda, which Frommer's describes as "the best boutique hotel in the city." Very fancy.

Diana: What's the deal?

Rudy: Well, the posted nightly room rate is $400 and change, but you can stay for $220 right now, due to the lack of tourists. I also spent a night at Delphi's 4-star Amalia hotel -- gorgeous views, fabulous pool, all for $70 a night. And I'm speaking to you now from the Kavalari Hotel, which is built into a cliff in Santorini's main port town of Fira. It's just $74 a night.

Diana: Great deals - especially, when you compare those prices to Hawaii, or even the Caribbean in the off-season.

Rudy: Yeah, and get this: A friend of mine got together with some friends and chartered a sailboat with 4 cabins and 2 baths. They all sailed around the Greek islands for 5 days at a cost of just $340 per person for the boat.

Diana: Sounds lovely, but I have to ask: Do you feel safe in Athens?

Rudy: I do. Listen, compared to the street crimes in Paris and London these days, Athens is very safe. So, if you haven't made summer vacation plans yet, consider Greece. I've posted some links below.

Diana: Thanks, Rudy. And by the way, don't forget the sunblock when you're out frolicking on those beautiful beaches. We want you looking your best for the cameras.

Rudy: I'll try, but I always look better on radio. Talk to you next week, when I'm back home.

Diana: You bet.

Savvy Resources:

Delphi hotel:
TEL: (30) 2650 82101

Athens hotel:
Email: reservations@andromedaathens.gr
TEL: (30) 1064 15000

Santorini hotel:
Kavalari Hotel
TEL: (30) 2650 82101

Renting a yacht in Athens:
Email: info@vernicos.gr
TEL: (30) 1098 96000

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