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In our ongoing series 'Travel by Design," we've asked the world's leading architects to act as tour guides for the places that have most influenced their work. So far, Richard Meier has taken us to New York City, Michael Graves has told us about Rome, and Jon Jerde has shared his fascination with Les Beaux, a little village in France.

For the fourth installment of the series, renowned architect Eric Owen Moss -- whose prolific body of work includes the Queens Museum of Art in New York and an innovate redesign of a huge block of industrial buildings in Culver City, Calif. -- takes us to a source of major inspiration, St. Petersburg, Russia. Eric has chosen St. Petersburg because he's pursuing the job to redesign the fabled Mariinsky Theater, home of the Kirov Ballet. He's already made several trips to Russia and, as you'll hear, Eric is in awe of the city's history, going back all the way to Peter the Great.

Travel By Design: Eric Owen Moss


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Eric Owen Moss

The front element of the Trivida is a continuously changing surface in counterpoint to extremely regular lines of masonary. The element also serves as the front windows for the executive offices and creates the space for the executive conference room.

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UCLA Hammer Museum: A Conversation with Eric Owen Moss http://www.hammer.ucla.edu/architecture_moss.htm

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