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Holiday Travel Survival Guide: Federalizing Security Screeners
The clock is ticking. Will the TSA meet the deadline? (11/15/2002)

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Next Tuesday, Nov. 19th, is the deadline for all airport security screeners to be federalized. Presumably, that means we'll have a new, highly trained workforce helping to keep the skies safe. No more high school dropouts. No more illegal aliens. No more slackers who couldn't care less.

Many analysts have predicted the Transportation Security Administration won't meet the deadline. Are the naysayers right? To find out, we talk to TSA Spokesman Robert Johnson. And, because you have to take everything a spokesman tells you with a grain of salt, we also talk to Mary Schiavo. Schiavo is the former inspector general of the Department of Transportation, and she doesn't pull any punches when it comes to critiquing government agencies. She gives us the truth behind the spin -- and in this case at least, there's more to the spin than just spin.

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Want to become an airport security screener? Find out how here:

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