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Rundown for the Week of April 5, 2002

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Opening Of Show

»Featured Music: Azymuth, "Ah Voce Nao Sabe" from "Mundial Muzique"

Sopranos Tour Wars
"Fugettaboutit! New Jersey may be nicknamed the Garden State, but if you watch the Sopranos, you know, it isn't exactly filmed in garden spots..."
--Jeff Lunden, who went on two "Soprano's" bus tours into the depths of New Jersey.

»Featured Music: Money Mark, "Cry" from "Keyboard Repair"

Travel Ettiquette: Don't Be Gauche About French Food
"It's gauche to eat your sandwich on the street, but it's not gauche to bring your dog to dinner."
--Our Travel Etiquette Guru, Mary-Lou Weisman, talking with host Diana Nyad about the French culture of eating.

»Featured Music: Cake, "The Distance" from "Fashion Nugget"

Interview: Alfonso Cuarón
"It's easier to create a bonding while you're traveling, and it's amazing because sometimes you're traveling and you create this strong bond and at the end of the journey. You may not see that person again, but while you're traveling, that bond is very important...your companion becomes your frame of reference."
--Director Alfonso Cuarón, on how the idea of the journey has influenced his latest film, "Y Tu Mama Tambien."

»Featured Music: UFO, "Dance ce Desert" from "Bon Voyage"

Local Station Break:

»Featured Music: Tony Allen, "Black Voices" from "Black Voices"

Traveler's Aid: News Round-Up
--Our Travel Expert in Residence Rudy Maxa discusses travel issues in Israel in light of recent events.

Salton Sea - The Jewel Of The Desert
"There is a humility here. But walk among the wreckage of these hopes and dreams -- this paradise created by accident and design. There's a peace too, a connection with a past that hasn't been bulldozed or cordoned off. Things exist here. This isn't a ghost town, it's a monument."
--Ben Adair, on his visit to Imperial County's Salton Sea, the remains of Vacation Paradise Lost.

»Featured Music: Dean Martinez, "Cabeza de Mojado"

Local Station Break:

»Featured Music: Solvent, "A Panel of Experts" from "Solvent City"

Deal Of The Week: Ski Canada
--Our Travel Expert in Residence Rudy Maxa reveals his Deal of the Week: Cheap skiing vacations in Canada.

»Featured Music: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, "Throwdown at the Hoedown" from "Left of Cool"

Interview: Bob Duskis
"For me, personally, the music represents my immediate environment. I feel it's less about India and more about the reinvented Indian culture that I've been living for the past 28 years of my life."
--Musician Karsh Kale, whose song "Deepest Blue" represents a vast fusion of the Eastern and Western influences he grew up with.

»Featured Music: Del McCoury Band, "All Aboard" from "Del McCoury and the Boys"

Close Music:

»Featured Music: Zero 7, "Give It Away" from "Simple Things"

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