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Deal of the Week: Cruising For A Bargain (2/08/2002)

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Deal of the Week (2/08/02) Rudy Maxa

Diana: This is the Savvy Traveler, and I'm Diana Nyad. It's time to check in again with our travel expert in residence, Rudy maxa, for the Deal of the Week. Welcome back, Rudy.

Rudy: Thanks, Diana.

Diana: What have you dug up for us this week?

Rudy: Something old, something new and something blue.

Diana: Ooo. We get a riddle as well as a Deal. I'm intrigued. What's the "something old?"

Rudy: Remember the old days, when great cruise ships crossed the Atlantic Ocean regularly?

Diana: You mean like the Titanic?

Rudy: Uh, yes, but I was thinking of happier crossings. Like aboard the original Queen Elizabeth. These days, most cruise ships ply the waters of the Caribbean, Alaska, the Mediterranean or the Gulf of Mexico. But a new ship, the Brilliance of the Seas, will make its way to Boston from England shortly after Labor Day, on Sept. 8th.

Diana: Ah, the "something new" is the ship. How long is the crossing?

Rudy: It's seven nights, and you're not going to believe this price -- about $680 for two people, plus another $360 in taxes. That totals just over $1,000.

Diana: What's the catch? Why is it so inexpensive?

Rudy: You're not going to get the best stateroom, of course, but how much time will you spend there anyway? With a library, spa, solarium and Internet café, you'll have plenty to do prowling around on the ship. It's also inexpensive because it's a repositioning cruise, which is to say, the ship is being moved from its shipyard in Europe to begin service from the U.S. And booking ahead of time also saves you some dough.

Diana: How do we find this deal?

Rudy: By calling a cruise wholesaler called the Cruise Value Center in New Jersey at 800-231-7447. You can check out their Web site at CruiseValue.com. If you call -- which is probably easier in this case -- an agent will call you back within 24 hours and give you the details. Also, keep in mind that there are a limited number of $680 cabins. If you want to snag one before they're gone, you'll have to book it fairly soon.

Diana: Okay, we've got "something old," a trans-Atlantic cruise, "something new," a ship called the Brilliance of the Seas, and the "something blue" would be -- the ocean?

Rudy: And, that is exactly why you get the big bucks!

Diana: Thanks, Rudy. Talk to you next week.

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