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Rundown for the Week of March 22, 2002

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Opening Of Show

»Featured Music: Thunderball, "On The Sly" from "Modular Systems"

Interview: The Nanny Diaries
"If you`re in the room the entire time, the child has poison ivy/heat rash, you know you could be in Schenectady -- you have no idea if you`re in the Bahamas or not!"
--Nicola Kraus, one of the authors of "The Nanny Diaries," revealing the dirty laundry of being a nanny for a wealthy family.

»Featured Music: Harry Connick Jr., "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from "Songs I Heard

Truffle Hunt
"He scores! He's found me a truffle! Luciano runs to the spot and gently pushes Birillo away so he doesn't eat or damage the truffle. Then, with a long pole with a small spade at the end, he digs up the 'shroom -- and actually smiles at it."
--Judith Fein, getting her first prized fungi during a truffle hunt in Umbria, Italy.

»Featured Music: De La Soul, "I Be Blowin'" from "Bahlone Mind State"

Traveler's Aid: Steel And Deals
--Our Travel Expert in Residence Rudy Maxa discusses how the Bush administration's new steel tariff could soon affect travel -- the EU is considering retaliatory tariffs, which might show up attached to airfares. He also talks about no-frills European airlines.

»Featured Music: Clint Black, "The Claw" from "Sounds Of Wood And Steel"

Local Station Break:

»Featured Music: Gotan Project, "Santa Maria" from "La Revancha del Tango"

Interview: Irv Gordon
"It's just a piece of machinery, but why the steel and everything seems to hold together is certainly beyond me."
--Irv Gordon, on his prized '66 Volvo, which has reached the 2,000,000-mile mark -- and is still going strong.

»Featured Music: The Shutdowns, "Four In The Floor" from "Rhino Road Music Set V. 4"

Digging Into Berlin's Past
"Hundreds of people pass by this unremarkable green door, on this ordinary Berlin subway platform, everyday. Few of them suspect that behind it lies a maze of narrow underground rooms -- that are about to send me on a trip back in time." --Kyle James, who visited the war-time bunkers and dead-end tunnels underneath the city of Berlin.

»Featured Music: Thievery Corporation, "A Guide For I & I" from "Modular Systems"

Interview: Alan Rabinowitz
"When you sit at night with maps and look at maps, what I do, and what people like myself do, is you try to look at where the most remote areas are left in the world -- where the biggest areas of unexplored habitat still remain...where the big question marks are."
--Author Alan Rabinowitz, on how he chooses the places he visits to set up preservation systems for animals.

»Featured Music: Angelique Kidjo, "Botang" from "The Best Of World Music African"

Local Station Break:

»Featured Music: Butti 49, "Spiritual Rotations" from "Future Sounds Of Jazz V. 7"

Deal Of The Week: Friends Fly Free
--Our Travel Expert in Residence Rudy Maxa reveals his Deal of the Week: For the first time since 1998, Southwest is offering its "Friends Fly Free" sale, which is the cheapest way for two people to fly around the U.S.

»Featured Music: Sidewinder, "Plain Song" from "Hi-Fidelity Lounge V. 3"

Lizzie Borden Bed And Breakfast
"The house, today, is exactly the way it was the night of the murders. Well, the bodies have been cleared away and somebody`s vacuumed around a bit."
--Cash Peters, reflecting on the eery quality that surrounds this B&B -- that just happens to be the infamous site of an infamous double murder.

Close Music:

»Featured Music: Mystery Juice, "Sorry I Broke Your Neck" from "The World Presents Global Hits"

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