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Rundown for the Week of March 15, 2002

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Opening Of Show

»Featured Music: Elvado Montenovo, "Chili Con Carne" from "Glucklich 3"

My Two Left Feet
"And in touristy neighborhoods like La Boca, dancers perform for tips in the cobbled stone streets where the houses glow in hues of red, aqua, and yellow. It's here that tango was born -- in the 19th century brothels and immigrant tenements."
--Jeff Tyler, who spent time in Argentina learning the tango.

Interview: Flight Attendant Hell
"You certainly cannot please all of the people all of the time on an airplane. The problem that we have as flight attendants is that we really can't settle the complaint, there's really nothing we can do when it comes to most of those complaints."
--Elliott Hester on keeping the friendly skies friendly.

»Featured Music: Sylk 130, "Happiness (King Britt Dub)" from "Motion"

Traveler's Aid: Reality Check -- Airline Security
"There are plenty of things that can go awry on a flight. But, often, the problems start before you take off."
--Diana Nyad, talking to Rudy about security at our airports and airlines..

»Featured Music: St. Germain, "Pont Des Arts" from "Tourist"

Local Station Break

»Featured Music: Jazzanova, "Fedime's Flight" from "Jazzanova EP 3"

Confessions Of A Snowboomer
"No matter how hard I resisted, snowboarding got under my skin. After years of maneuvering skies and poles into my van for ski trips, and putting on stiff, shin-banging boots, snowboarding looked so simple, so unencumbered--like the difference between say--- ballet and hip hop."
--Pippin Ross on her attempts at learning snowboarding.

»Featured Music: John Lurie, "Men Working" from "African Swim"

Interview: International Ski Force
--Diana Nyad talks to some young skiiers living the Savvy Traveler lifestyle.

»Featured Music: Har-You Percussion Group, "Welcome To The Party (Jazzanova Mix)" from "Jazzanova The Remixes 1997-2000"

Postcard: Anthem Soul
"I'm not listening in on illicit sex or mystical incantations, but a poorly recorded tape of James Brown songs."
--Rolf Pots about the sounds and music of his travels, and how they seem to relate back to home..

»Featured Music: Boogie Down Productions, "The Style You Havne't Done Yet" from "Ghetto Music"

Local Station Break

»Featured Music: I:Cube, "Le Dub" from "Dub Selector"

Deal of the Week: Rent A Car For 10 Bucks!
--Our Travel Expert in Residence Rudy Maxa reveals his Deal of the Week: car rentals from Enterprise for only 10 bucks.

»Featured Music: Soulstics, "Wind" from "Om Lounge V. 5"

Postcard: Not The Ozarks
A neon blue butterfly big as a baseball cap flops by... A red monkey, the size of a five year old, leaps like a squirrel from treetop to treetop... And that was not a turtle splooshing out of sight, but an alligator, as in see you later..."
--Jim Bogan reflecting on how Brazil reminds him of his youth in the Ozarks.

»Featured Music: Brazil Selection, "Ye Mele" from "Glucklich 3"

Close Music:

»Featured Music: Butti 49, "Spiritual Rotation" from "Future Sounds of Jazz V. 7"

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