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Rundown for the Week of October 4, 2002

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The Last Lodge by Gordon Black
"Closed for the season" signs are up at resorts and campgrounds around the country. Winter will soon be upon us, so it's hard to think back a few weeks to summer -- far less, to start contemplating reservations for next year. But there are some places with a short season where advance booking for next year is almost mandatory. One such venue is Sperry Chalet, the last lodge of its type in an American national park. It's open only a few months a year, which makes early reservations important. Gordon Black secured a berth high in the hills and strapped on his hiking boots to bring us this report.

Eric Clapton of the Oud: Anouar Brahem
Music traveling across borders is an important theme on The Savvy Traveler. Today, we feature musician Anouar Brahem, a master oud player. The oud is a centuries-old Arabic instrument, and there are critics who say Anouar Brahem is to the oud what Eric Clapton is to the electric guitar. Since Anouar is Tunisian, he grew up with different influences that have come to that country: Arab and Asian sensibilities of Turkey and India, jazz touches from the European/Mediterranean, and the Maghreb influence of Morocco and N. Africa. During his interview in our studios, Anouar played the oud for us.

La Dolce Far Niente by Susan Van Allen
Ever prided yourself on being a savvy traveler, preparing for an authentic Italian experience? Well, Susan Van Allen did just that, even learning the correct pronunciation of the Italian island of Capri: "CAH-pree." But after traveling 6,000 miles from Los Angeles and arriving at Capri's famous piazetta with dreams of relaxing at a café, she was faced with a dilemma: Which café? Should she go to one with other tourists, or find one where the locals make fun of the tourists' beverage and cultural faux pas? Funny thing is, Susan finds out it doesn't really matter -- they're all the same.

Doug Lansky: Exchanging Money Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
Doug Lansky talks with Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad and gives us some advice on how to get cash when we're on extended trips abroad. Doug has a lot of experience traveling worldwide on a shoestring budget. We've talked to Doug on subjects ranging from the unusual, such as hitchhiking from continent to continent on yachts, to the common, such as the best way to book a round-the-world plane ticket. Today, we turn to him again...

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Up In The Air Real Audio Listen in RealAudio
Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad takes a trip through the New England countryside and gets the best, birds-eye view possible of the changing leaves below. After renting a car in Buffalo, New York, and driving an hour south to Letchworth State Park, she flies over upstate NY in a hot air balloon. Idyllic views of old country barns, red silos and pumpkins on porches follow.

Balloons Over Letchworth - http://www.balloonsoverletchworth.com
Hot Air Ballooning - http://www.launch.net
How Hot Air Balloons Work - http://www.howstuffworks.com/hot-air-balloon.htm
eHotAirBallooning - http://www.ehotairballooning.com/index.html
Build your own hot air balloon

Deal of the Week: Cruise the High Seas in Bargain-Basement Luxury
Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, unleashes his Deal of the Week: pretty darn cool prices for adventures on the high seas.

Traveler's Aid - Visiting the Cold War: A Weapon of Mass Destruction Becomes a Tourist Destination
Some say the Cold War is over -- and some say it lingers on in less obvious ways. Cold War history is scattered all around in the form of inactive missile sites -- and one in South Dakota's Badlands National Park will soon become a National Park Service historic site. Now, tourists from all over the world will take vacation snapshots here. Park Service historian Sue Lamie tells us what a holiday outing at a missile site will be like, and, more importantly, what the site will tell about our history -- something that will be absorbed by millions of tourists...

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