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Rundown for the Week of February 1, 2002

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Utahans Take Off
Moon: "Some of the locals here see a different kind of treasure as the Winter Games arrive:"
Utah Resident: "It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance for us to actually go together and go to Mexico."
--Bob Moon realizing that, for some Utahans, the Olympics are not about gold medals -- they're a chance to make a nest egg and head off to an island paradise.

Postcard: It's Raining Coconuts
"I made further inquiries into this under-reported threat to public safety and learned that the leading cause of death on the island was coconuts falling on people's heads."
--Fritz Burke, on how the beach serenity he traveled for suddenly wasn't all that serene.

Mary Lou Weissman: Sports Gesture Etiquette
"You can pretty much count on the 'V for Victory' sign, as long as your palm is facing out; if it's facing in, you've got the 'up yours' problem all over again."
--Mary Lou Weissman on how hand gestures at sporting events have more than one meaning.

Coming Home
"Maybe by immersing myself in the strangeness of the world I have made myself a stranger in my own country."
--Ann Marie Ruff, on confronting her fears of never again meshing with the folks back home.

Superbowl Quest
"In southern Thailand, I`m once again faced with the dismal prospect of missing the Superbowl. What`s more, my expat neighbors don`t even sympathize."
--Rolf Potts, a man who wishes he was back home to watch the "big game."

Interview: Suzanne Vega
"My grandparents had been touring musicians. They`d met on the road and my grandmother had continued touring. So, I had unconsciously, without realizing it, I had chosen their lifestyle."
--Suzanne Vega, musing about her travels and her music.

Travelers Aid: Last Minute Mardi Gras and Carnival
"The question on many people's minds is: 'Is it too late to go, and can I still get a good deal?' Well, not as good as you want, but there are plenty of ways to cut down expense."
----Rudy Maxa, our travel expert-in-residence, giving advice on traveling to Carnival.

Deal of the Week: Escape To Munich
"Why not surprise your Valentine with a trip in March to one of Germany's most fun cities, Munich?"
--Rudy Maxa, our travel expert-in-residence, unleashing his Deal of the Week.

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