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Suzanne Vega
Suzanne Vega

Interview: Suzanne Vega

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Suzanne Vega is an artist who has carved out a unique niche for herself. She's part folk-poet, introspective, usually taking on the voice of outsider looking in. But there's anSuzanne Vega attraction to her music in the pop world. I've known Suzanne for a while now and the one word for her that comes to my mind is: "intense".

She grew up in a New York Puerto Rican neighborhood, thinking she was half Puerto Rican -- and discovered at age 9 that her true birth-father was of Anglo heritage. Digging into her newfound roots, she came to a better understanding of what drives her songwriting.

As usual, Suzanne's on tour now. I had a chat with her as she was hanging backstage during a sound check before her concert at the Rosebud in Pittsburgh. As Suzanne put it, travel is in her blood.

Savvy Resources:

Check out Suzanne's official Web site www.suzannevega.com for more info. (such as her tour dates).

Suzanne's fan club site: www.vega.net

Read Suzanne's bass player Mike Visceglia's "Notes from the Road"

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